The Sisters

There is something profoundly wrong...

about discovering the death of a Friend
on a restaurant email News Letter.

But these are the times we live.

I spoke with him just two weeks ago, he was always one of my favourites at Opal's
one of the GOOD GUYS...
When I popped in I made a point of chatting with him for a few moments,
never realising it was the last time I would see him alive.

A heart attack? At his age???

I am still overwhelmed by this flu-bug, and will not make it to his funeral this morning.
I wish I could go, but it is early and a bit out of town, I don't feel safe driving in my condition.

*head in hands*

I just cannot believe it is true.
I cannot believe Landon is gone.

Down with the "Post ACL" Flu

Stan stopped by with needed supplies (juice and drugs) and took out my trash,
and mailed a letter for me--HURRAY STAN!

It came on yesterday morning while at work--but it really hit hardest today.
I am taking care of myself and have lots of fresh fruit, veggies, tofu, Amy's Soup...
And now plenty of liquids and meds to keep my fever/mucus down (bleah!)
and let me rest.


I am going back to bed
where I plan to stay until Wednesday evening
when I must go back to work.

*cough cough Zzzzzzzzzzzz*

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Thank you for all the affection...

The laughter...


And the incredible Pride in you,

you have provided me my entire Life.

I love you so very much.
Have a wonderful WONDERFUL Birthday Daddy!!!

Happy Birthday to You...

Happy Birthday to You...

Happy Birthday...

Craaaaaaig-er Steeeeeevens.............

Happy Birthday, to YOU.

YOU are my Best Friend.
YOU have always been There.
YOU and I have seen the World together.

Gone Edgar, and called it Shirley...

You are 35 my old man, 35 Today.
I Love You.