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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Austin Folks: passing this along

March 19th, 2007 (01:22 pm)

Action Alert: Stop the City Pound from Building a "Dead End" Animal Shelter

Austin's municipal pound already kills more than 50% of the lost and homeless pets it shelters every year. And even though other cities across the country—rich and poor alike—are adopting common-sense solutions to eliminate shelter killings without increasing funding for animal welfare, Austin's pound has continued to kill pets at the same rate despite significant increases in its annual budget. But there is reason for hope: Austin's citizens recently approved $12 million to build a new animal shelter which, if designed and located according to basic business principles, could dramatically improve the outlook for our sheltered animals.

Despite this historic opportunity, the pound's management is moving forward with plans to close our current downtown shelter and replace it with a poorly designed, already outdated facility located on a dead-end street in an area of town that is far removed from the City's geographic and population centers. The planned "dead end" site—off of Airport Boulevard just south of East 7th Street—was selected without an open process for public dialogue or the approval of Austin's citizen advisory commission on animal-welfare issues. Worse still, its far-removed location rejects basic business guidelines and the advice of a national animal-shelter expert who reported that a high-visibility, highly accessible, centrally located shelter can literally double pet-adoption rates.

We must stop the pound from building a "dead end" shelter, and we need your help today.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Leave telephone messages with the Mayor, each of the 6 City Council Members, and the City Manager, telling them that you oppose building a "dead end" animal shelter off of Airport Boulevard near East 7th Street. Let them know that you vote, and specifically ask whether they will be voting for or against the "dead end" location.

Here are the phone numbers for Austin's Mayor, the City Council Members, and the City Manager:

Mayor Wynn: 974-2250
Council Member Dunkerley: 974-2258
Council Member Martinez: 974-2264
Council Member Kim: 974-2255
Council Member Leffingwell: 974-2260
Council Member McCracken: 974-2256
Council Member Cole: 974-2266
City Manager Futrell: 974-2200

Thank you, in advance, for helping to give sheltered pets a better chance at finding a loving home.


Sarah Bate, Co-Founder of FixAustin.Org
Ryan Clinton, Co-Founder of FixAustin.Org
Peggy Jennings, Volunteer & Past President of Australian Cattle Dog Rescue
Chandra Lewnau, Volunteer at Town Lake Animal Center
Lorri Michel, President of the Central Texas Animal Alliance
Liz Morris, Former Volunteer at Town Lake Animal Center
Barbara Reagor, Former Volunteer at Town Lake Animal Center
Karen Steines, Volunteer at Austin Humane Society
Larry Tucker, Vice President of the Central Texas Animal Alliance