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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

I'm home.

February 10th, 2007 (03:42 am)

Work was long, and long.

I made enough, (barely) as a closer tonight....to take care of the scooter insurance

And enough, well, that's all you really need--isn't it?

*tired smile*

I was reminded, as the night dragged on and on, and people did not come...
How very much I love the people I work with. They really are amazing people.

When it gets boring and frustrating....no group entertains each other more
than a bunch of Service Folk.

Though the brutal romantic in me loves the idea of Bourdain's World?
I like that it isn't always like that, and if you are very lucky....
it isn't like that at all.

I live in a Town with the Third highest educated Service Industry in the Nation.
And it shows.
Oh my yes, the service in Austin is DREADFUL!

But understand, your waiter has a degree in Philosophy.
Has written screen plays, and films weddings to make ends meet when he isn't handing
you a half pint of Live Oak's Tree Hugger barley wine.

He got his Masters in English, but can't bring himself to leave The Velvet Rut...
can't find work in his field in THIS particular patch of grass....so he slings beer to pay
for the house he is refurbishing off Congress on Mary street. It has a great back yard
and he's almost done laying the recycled hard wood floor he's been carrying around,
since he was an undergrad--in the back of his tastefully rusted '74 Chevy pick-em-up
Truck. His neighbor has a pet goat who lives in a dog house. Sits on top of it like

We hug and scream and throw things at each other.
We trade books and DVDs and dreams...and lovers.
And sometimes, sweaters.
(books and dreams and DVDs...sometimes even BOYS, you get back...
but heavens if I haven't lost a lot of sweaters???)

That stolen smoke, that half break out back where you can watch the customers parking
for the strip club next door......and laugh at them? While you talk about the Universe at
large and the fact that the AC units on top of our building really look like cotton candy
machines??? Yeah, she's keeping the baby, and isn't 'S' hot in a not hot sort of way?

*exhales smoke towards the candy floss machines that keep our little bar cool*

Are those bats or birds?
I think they are birds.

*Small flying things circle the water tower above us, right out of Animaniacs.....*

We should probably check on our tables.

*butt in can--back door to the kitchen is pulled open*

Noise and warmth, and a full 20 second hand wash at the little sink....I always believe
the Health Department has me bugged. It's best to have these sort of delusions when
serving. That is why my Cafe got a 100% when I was in charge at CM WestGate.

Mmmmmmm. Paranoia. *grins*

I must say, I really really really enjoy....not being in charge now.

One of our bussers, who left us about 4 months or so ago....wandered in tonight.
I used to call him Smallville. (YES, there is a Superboy in every batch.) Too pretty to be
real, he was. He caught sight of me and grabbed me and picked me up.

(put me down you beautiful little 23 year old...or i shall eat you whole.)

Maybe it was more than 4 months. My hair is short now, and I've leaned down to more
muscle.......I suppose it takes a handsome young man with solid guns and a chiseled
jaw, bouncing me on his chest and telling me this--to realise it.

Hell, I felt 28 again!


Yes, it was a long night.
Wildly fruitful in many ways, and juuuuuuuust fruitful enough--in others.

I came home tired, and happy.

THAT, my Friends.....is what work is supposed to be.