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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Well, Damn. CHRISTINE!!!!

January 7th, 2007 (05:08 am)


I've lost her.
Even the new address doesn't work anymore.
Why didn't I email her sooner???
It has been two years.

We always... managed to stay in touch.
Even BEFORE the internet.
Years would pass, 5 or 6 sometimes...but
we always found each other again.


Well, my Dear Christine Burge...who now has a married name I cannot remember...
Woman who saved my ass when I was most crazy and surfing couches in
the LA Basin? Woman who chastised me forEVER for kissing Poorman that night
in some cheesy ass strip-'Maul' dance club???

Here is the email I tried to send you tonight.


Was puttering around the guts of everything I have saved on my Yahoo
Email Account...and ran across this saved announcement of your own email
change of address. I missed your Birthday in November...I hope it was wonderful.

So you must be, what, 37 now? You are 14 months older than me, right?
Because you could buy drinks at the METRO first...*laughing*
Club Metro....(
circa 1990.)

*laughs again*
Club Metro.

You know...that botttle you gave me for my 21st birthday?
It was broken in my move last August. I sat down and cried.

The one I was ALWAYS supposed to have full of vodka when you came over?
With the blown green glass and little cork?
You got it at Pier 1--when Pier 1 meant POSH to us.
(i saved the cork)

I have a tiny picture of you and your Boy and your Teeny-Boy,
from Christmas
two years ago....I bet that little one has grown like a weed?

Little ones, they are how I know how much time has passed since I have
seen an old friend. I look at their children. This was only COMPLETELY startling
not too long ago--when I found myself shaking hands with a little dude
who introduced himself, and told me lots of things about dinosaurs--
last time I saw he and his Mum, she had him in a hand-dyed sling across her chest.

HE didn't have teeth...let alone the ability to describe the tiny hands
of a T-Rex?!!

Time passes so much more quickly now than I ever remember it doing.

Very little has changed with me, I am both happy and disheartened by this.

I am living with Benjamin, I love him. It isn't a marriage sort of thing.
I stopped wanting that after Andy--and Ben stopped wanting it after
his own two ex-wives.
It's me, it's him...we have issues...


We are old Friends, 13 years, who are simply tired
of doing all this...alone, I think.

Found a nice little 3 bedroom house in a cool neighborhood
with big trees and friendly neighbors...
and set up "HOME".

We each have a study--and I am learning to live with a cat and a dog.
(I KNOW!!??? Can you believe it??? Jake-the-cat is rolling his eyes in heaven, yes?)

We may grow old together...who knows.

He is a DELL supervisor and an all out camping hiking canoe-ing
sort of outdoors dude...wakes up at 6 AM every morning for work,
I make his coffee and then kiss him goodbye...
I'm crashing from coming home from work at 3 AM as a waitress at a
cool-ass Scotch Bar downtown.

We don't see a lot of each other, so it stays fresh.
It stays interesting.

Sad to still be a waitress after all these years--but quite frankly?
I make good money, and I have fun doing it.
(though it irked me to realise one of the other waiters here,
our youngest--circa 1987?
Was BORN the year I lost my Virginity.
heh. I could be James' MOMMY!??)

I'm still just me. Almost unchanged from the weasle you let sleep on your couch
and even in your bed...for far longer than any good friend should have.

(here's a shot of me after a new hair-cut this last November:

I finally need glasses! And if you look carefully in the background
you can see my Levis jeans jacket with the old KROQ sweatshirt emblem
sewn on the back. *GRINS* OMG, I kissed POORMAN???)

Please update me on YOUR Universe?
I don't want us to lose touch, you are too important to me.

Love, Ginger

(as always...there's the Blog:
with pictures and stories and what-not...)

Maybe you peek in here now and again, and I don't know it.

Love You.


and here's a pic of she and I and that weirdo she was dating back then...


Young and scrawny I was. Young and scrawny...


Posted by: Organizational Anarchist (napalmgod)
Posted at: January 9th, 2007 04:41 pm (UTC)
Poke Pic

When you find her, tell her that I want her.

Did you ever find Maggie???

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