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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Home Again At Last...

January 7th, 2007 (03:28 am)

And in much better shape than when I left this afternoon.
Amazing what food and a frenetic night on your feet will do for a hangover!?

Just one more night...Sunday night, and I have a day off. *happy sigh*

Funny thing happened tonight with one of my big tops...a birthday party.
It had been a large group, mingling and playing pool and ordering pitchers,
so my contact with the individuals was touch and go at best--I got the occasional
nod and thanks from the Hostess who kept telling me I was doing a "GREAT JOB!"
(which is nice, thank-you...I thought so too but it feels good to be acknowledged ^_^)
As the last few couples were leaving--I heard one of them whisper its her, I know
it's HER!
and then they approached me with grins.

Did you used to cocktail at THE RITZ?

Why yes, YES I did--in fact I was the verrrrry FIRST waitress at the Ritz
when it got its Liquor License! *BEAMS*

I KNEW IT! the woman smacked her boyfriend.

That is Austin...
And That my friends, was 12 years ago.


I guess I make an impression. This time, it was even a GOOD one!