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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

For dragonshelle, for Liem...

December 29th, 2006 (04:17 am)

Ah...The City under The Violet Crown.
My Home.

celticcowboy68 asked me to say a few words,
for your Friend who will be visiting Austin from Ireland next month...


6th Street proper is very nearly exstinguished for those not in a GREEK way,
(it is a college Town after all, for better or for worse...)
but there are still a few bastions on the old road.

Casino El Camino has been my "Church" since its doors opened in the Fall of '94.
A wide selection of bottled imports and Domestic Premium beers,
as well as a DELIGHTFUL wall of liquor that sports
some fine whiskys, whiskeys, Tequilas
and even a stash of Chartreuse...that ain't even dusty.

But above and beyond the booze, the amazing Juke Box, and the BEST burgers that I
(an admitted foodie)
have ever eaten--it is the People who make this place truly special.
Belly up to the bar, and just start chatting.
You will not be disappointed.

Near the beaten path, but not quite on it, LOVEJOYS

I became the OFFICIAL HISTORIAN some years ago...but I've slacked in my duties...

though I was never really certain exactly, what they were.
Come in--have a house brew!
They have a WALL of wonderful Imports and Dom Premiums on draft
and a reach-in full of even more bottles--but have a House Brew.
(In the Mid-90's Lovejoys was given an award by Guinness...for selling
the most Guinness in TEXAS. Yeah. We like our Ruby Black at Lovejoys)
But our boys turn out some mean and interesting bevy's.
Drink it, love it, shake the hand of the man who brewed it.
But don't knock over any of the old
Duc's or B-Mer's or Norton's on the way in...
(I'm the little blue Vino Scooter!)

Again, it is the FOLKS that make this place what it is...and has been
for a long time, to a lot of Folks.
(((Marshall's Bloody Mary will cure what ails ya.)))

Of course you'll want to see a SHOW...
You must go to BEERLAND!
(i just checked out the new web-site, and must say...
i miss the one that was a bit more edgy, but this one is funny if you know the place.)
Get yourself a Lonestar, or a PBR in a can...
and put your ear plugs in. (well I do, I'm old)
This is the heart of two of my best Friends, Donya and Randal.
They ROCK.
In every sense.
And their wonderful self-proclaimed DIVE BAR
is one of the finest places I have ever kicked up my heels for music.
They have a weird JOHN WATERS sort of front patio, (for smoking, since the BAN)
and a shot-gun interior of cinder block, chipped paint and fairy lights.
GUITAR WOLF played there simply because they were charmed by the place.
Donya has a hand embroidered sign in the "ladies" room (a gift)
that reads in very pretty detailed stitch: PLEASE DON'T DO COKE IN THE BATHROOM.


You MUST go to this place.
Ask for Donya or Randal, tell them Ginger sent you.
You will be taken care of.

Well yes...many many places, too many to name my favourites.
So check out at least ONE of them.
Bouldin Creek has a special place in my heart.
I can even endure the hippies.
Mismatched mugs, GREAT coffee, a nice little menu of WONDERFUL food that is easy and cheap.
The people, yeah...it really comes down to the PEOPLE.
Ride your bike, bring your dog, drag one of the dozens of board games off the wall
and sit down for a while on the patio. I like to play Connect Four, myself.

You needn't take a tour...it really explains itself much better.
(i myself, still visit the Capitol every few months or so--am baffled
to hear people live here for years and have never been???)
But there are a few things you MUST do:
Stand in the center of the star under the dome.
Spin around while looking up. (it is okay to lay down, the nice cops in
Cowboy hats are used to that sort of thing.)
Stand still and have someone CLAP over your head. The sound is very cool.
NOTE the crack in the center near the Star...when I was in the 3rd grade they told us
the guy who painted the star on the ceiling FELL and he cracked it.
They don't tell you that on field trips anymore.
It may or may not be true. But at 3rd grader--well, she remembers such things.
(i got down and examined the crack for blood...I still do. People do or don't like
going to the Capitol with me. I am still in the 3rd grade once I pass through those
DO go to the NW corner of the building where the agricultural museum is.
It really isn't much...but there is a letter in one of the glass cases that is from the 1800's
from a boy to his father--after he left the East, to find his fortune and FARM in Texas.
I still always stop in and re-read it.
The handwriting is horrid, and faded.
But the story...reminds me why I am in this Town.
Why I am STILL in this Town.

Oh there's more, so much more.
But I've filled enough space here I imagine.
(turned out I filled the space allotted for comments--had to post THIS. *laughs at self*)
Have a wonderful visit. I'm a waitress at OPAL DIVINE'S SOUTH...
Pop in for a pint. We've got a few.
First one is on Me.

Oh-my...how could I forget!
You must stop along Congress (perhaps after the Capitol) and see My Patron Saint of Austin
The Barmaid who saved us all.

Only in Austin.

Ginger Stevens
Austin TX
I'm in the book.

*tips her hat*


Posted by: Disophy (disophy1)
Posted at: December 30th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)

what they were.....? Wattage the where.

2rite2LuvLeavesBlossoming2moreBeckoningBeware. Don't smudge the lipstick!


Posted by: Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931)
Posted at: December 30th, 2006 08:32 pm (UTC)
Disophy1 Grin


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