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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]


December 9th, 2006 (01:21 pm)

The boy just returned home triumphantly, a successful morning of errands already
finished--ginger of course was pouring her first cup of coffee (which was in fact the last cup of coffee)
still blinky eyed in a pink cardigan, PJs, and fuzzy leopard print slippers...

He has purchased a ladder (a real one) and is climbing all over and through the house
on some sort of elaborate "Speaker Project" that has come to consume him. He seems
quite pleased--so I am staying out of the way and making another pot of coffee.

(i can hear him above me...
crawling around in the attic right now like some enormous crazed squirrel!)

My interest right now lies with the OTHER thing he came home with:
A wonderful little rosemary bush coaxed into the shape of a Tannenbaum!

After rifling through my study to find my birthday box of Super Hero decorations from
hrm_ok--I have discovered that they are much nicer than just glass balls,
as I remembered, they are in fact sculpted 'keepsake' figures on strings--and alas a bit
heavy for our little Tree. REGROUP!

We had talked about getting a big tree, as I have never had a real Christmas Tree
before, festive as my own Familia is...they are allergic to The Planet Earth and are most
comfortable when wrapped in plastic with a HEPA Filter running!

So after much discussion weighing the pros and cons and cats and dogs... it was
decided that for all concerned it would probably be more fun for our first Christmas
together to YES get something live--but something less likely to make me burst into
hives. He loves Rosemary (cannot pass a bush without rubbing his hands in it)
so this seemed an ideal choice.

And though he wasn't "heaving it over his shoulder" when he arrived with it...
I must say--there's just something romantic about your Man coming home
and surprising you with a Tree!

(the one good thing about PMS is that ALL emotions
are cranked to 11, even the good ones...eh?

Since he will be in charge of keeping it alive (i have the blackest thumb in the Universe)
we can look forward to planting it in the yard after the Season, and munching on it for a
long time to come. Rosemary grows quite nicely in our area!


Pictures will follow shortly, of course--and yes, I'm sure I'll name it.