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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Like The Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind.................

November 15th, 2006 (02:22 pm)

Wow. It is crazy windy here today, the whole house is rattling and the fuzzies are all
restless. Sun is shining bright but there is promise of the temp dropping into the 30s
tonight. I go in early and am first cut, so I won't be as late as usual getting out, but
DAMN--me and my Austin Acclimation will make it a blistering cold ride home.

Nearly willing to call a cab.

But it's only a little over two miles, I can bundle up and make it, as long as I am not
blown off the road, right???

I got the days off I asked for (Hurray CHET, Hurray Opal's!!!) and will be able to go with
Benjamin for THREE WHOLE DAYS to the Farm. I'm sooo excited.

*bounce bounce bounce*

There's so much of the Family I haven't met yet...and I have been hearing about the
place for YEARS! It will be so nice to get out of Town, even if just for a little while. My
head needs a break.

Have tomorrow off...must hit Central Market and start gathering supplies.
Was peeking up into my closet just last night at my Christmas decorations...
I fear it is only a matter of days before Benjamin wakes to go to work and finds the place
draped in December Decadence.

I do so love me some Christmas Time...
And you know I can never crash right away
when I come home at O'Dark-thirty from work.



Posted by: transientsoul (transientsoul)
Posted at: November 16th, 2006 12:47 am (UTC)
Hey Ginger

I've been meaning to tell you...
My step son goes to art school in Georgia. One of his teachers is the comic book artist who has been drawing Spiderman for the last few decades! FUCKING SPIDEY MAN!!!! Anyway... the teacher called my son into his office this week and told him that his work is really polished and that he wants to help him get in with a good company. WOOT!
How freakin cool is that?

Posted by: Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931)
Posted at: November 16th, 2006 02:37 am (UTC)
Re: Hey Ginger
Spidey Sense

Now that is some SERIOUS BADASS-NESS!!!

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