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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Feeling a Good Deal Less Toxic Today...

October 19th, 2006 (04:16 pm)
current song: Long-Forgotten Fairytale - The Magnetic Fields

Was able to drag myself out of bed, and out into the gorgeous sunny cool day.
Ran errands, got some groceries--It's Fall, I need a HUGE BOWL
of shiny red apples on my table.
Now I have them.
Still need a pumpkin.

Filled the fridge with fresh cider and soy milk and orange juice...
Got some AMY's organic Chunky tomato Bisque...
Good bread and sandwich fixin's...

A pile of new potatoes in my bowl on the counter with the bulbs of garlic.

Cleaned the kitchen, swept the floor...things start to pile up when I am down with

Opened the house up to the cool cool sunny air.
Maggie is roaming in and out the back door--I wish I had the energy left
to take her for a walk.

I'm beat for the day I think.
Time to relax.
The next three shifts are Brunch and Lunch shifts...
Easy. (*knocks on wood*)

I am so glad I had these two days off to get through my Cold.
It would have been hell at work.

Need to start planning for the Holidays, they sneak up on you.
Ben says we can have a REAL Christmas tree this year...
I have never had one before.

The Stevens' are allergic.
This Stevens is too--but what the hell, a cat a dog...what's a little more?
I have always wanted a REAL Christmas tree.

I love the Holidays....Baking and lights and shiny packages!

Must get the ingredients together for Ginger's Famous Chewy Ginger Snaps!
I give them out at Halloween to my Friends and Co-workers and...well, usually
my bus driver and mailman. Haven't met the mailman yet, and Frances probably
wouldn't like that much black strap molasses in her tank.


Been working on the recipe for years now, every Fall I punch it up a little more.
By the time it's time to pass it down to a little one it should be perfect.
Wonder who that will be?

*sniffle, short cough*

Yeah, this is a pretty good Thursday.