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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Have Spent The Morning in Virgo Doings...

September 6th, 2006 (09:12 am)

Retired a paper journal.
A task I put off until I have an hour or more to pour over it...
All the scribbles of phone numbers and email addresses in the back, along with the
carefully categorised pages of numbers that connect me to my Universe.

Cuts are made, moves are remembered...
New information penned into the crisp new volume.
Scraps of bar napkins deciphered, fliers examined, receipts retrieved...

I have a tidy new book now ready for ALL NEW nonsense.


Then I tackled what has become my "desk" at the moment...
My little lowered corner of the kitchen counter where Cassandra lives
for the time being.

Every bill from the move with it's paid receipt, all of the hook up hand books and
stubs from money orders...Now are filed away in a neat little box a bit narrower than
a shoe box. Inside it has built in files from January to December. Gathered my pay
stubs from their various piles and pockets of my bag...and filed them away respectively.

*happy sigh*

There, everything has a PLACE to GO now.
We are entirely paid up on all of our bills, FINALLY and ON TIME each one.


It is becoming easier to breathe in the new House in many many many ways.

I cleaned out the refrigerator next, and put a hook on the door from the kitchen to the
garage to put my big canvas SXSW bags that I use for grocery shopping...easy grab
so I won't forget them when I head out...

Now for a cigarette and some coffee and a break.
I may tackle my study next, start work on my shelves so I can bring my little desk in
from the garage... Get those piles and piles and piles of books off the floor.
Hang my "MIRROR OF TRUTH" as ben has taken to calling it....


Am working late tonight, will need a nap soon--I got up with my Boy this morning at
6 AM and made him coffee and a lunch for work before he headed out. I decided to
start taking vitamins again--so I am feeding them to him as well. We clink our little
glass of bubbly goodness together each morning. He gags (i love the taste myself)
and he pats me on the head, laughing--making more faces.

We've had a lot of good days lately.