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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]


August 24th, 2006 (05:33 am)



Doesn't exist anymore.
Met a guy once who had to maintain the stupid parts of the machine of the system
that kept my collection of letters working. He said is was a pain in his ass.
(He also makes movies...but that's more a SXSW thing...)


I plunked onto my father's computer in 1993....when he used PRODIGY as an
American Air Line's Pilot-- to make his bids for a schedule each month.

My Brother and I just used it (my brother first, I thought the whole thing sounded hinky)
to contact and communicate with folks on the Prodigy Bulletin Boards.


Oooh...but I found out there were POETRY boards.
*that sound, remember that sound? the sound of a computer dialing???*
Became my mating call.

I met someone on the internet....when meeting someone on the internet
wasn't cool. (heh, see: creepy)

I was 22.

Met a boy in MN....
We posted back and forth constantly.....
Then would spend HOURS on the phone together................
Sent countless packages of photos and letters back and forth........

(I still have most of them)

I flew out to meet him (was still living with my folks in Austin)
HE flew out to meet ME! (while I was still living with my folks in Austin)

But somehow the love affair ended...we'll call it SPACE.

Years passed.


Years passed.

I never touched a computer after I left my folks...which was pretty much after....

I turned 30.
My Father bought me a laptop computer....urging me to JOIN THE WORLD.
It was 2000.
Internet was FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

I left it on my table in my tree house, it was all just TOO WEIRD.

angrystan was my best friend at the time...he eye-balled the thing on my
table until I let him take it home and make it Ginger-Friendly.
HE made it respond with MAX HEADROOM voices and cues.
HE made me want to play with it.

The BUBBLE burst, and I had to pay for internet...I went with my phone company.
They went with Prodigy.

I "e-mailed" my long lost friend in MN.
He thought that was hilarious.

Xtian showed me his journal.
Xtian showed me....Livejournal.

He and I fell out.....quickly really.
I cannot even remember why.

I'm still friends with many of his friends.
They still come and stay with me when they visit Austin.

I suppose at this point it really doesn't matter............
His introducing me to this place set into motion
my desire to understand.......

Oh heavens, I STILL don't understand computers...

But I can do this:

And I can do it without the LJ client, put up an old pic from before the
Austin Roller Girls.........Split.
When Beerland was still serving Lonestar on DRAFT at the Derby!
(and those glasses are SO plastic!)

LJ taught me that on my PC.


And the pic is stored under....
what I came to call my own.


That place must have cobwebs on it out there....wherever that machine sits.
No one must use it but me.

I know, this thing I have with AT and T.....
My boy is not happy.

It isn't fast enough, and it isn't DELL friendly.

But it's mine and it's old and it's almost furniture for me.

How do I give it up????

I know I need to give it up.
But it's so hard.

I hate moving.
And I moved!

This thing....the moment I let go of it.............it will cease to exist.

It's how I met ALL of you.

It's how I came


It is the brown curly edges of my first electric page.

It is History, in a place that does not value History.
It is seven letters, and I am clinging to them.


Posted by: barry_barry (barry_barry)
Posted at: August 24th, 2006 03:02 pm (UTC)

Pretty nice story for a ramble... I can't imagine you NOT being on prodigy. I'm glad you kept it. We're just not used to people's email addresses being important yet. As usual, you're at the front of something, while being at the back of something else.

Posted by: Laurie A (chevrefeuilles)
Posted at: August 26th, 2006 01:14 am (UTC)

yeah, sometimes i wish i was still msggoat@toad.net

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