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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Got some errands run early before work...

August 21st, 2006 (04:32 pm)

CLARITIN being a top priority.
Toothpaste being a close second.

The lost wallet has left us with a bit less than I had hoped to have at this point in the
week as far as spending-money, but there is still enough room to wiggle.

Bill money is tucked away.

I bought a five days supply Claritin, but couldn't get the "Good Stuff"
because of course that requires a TXDL now.
*head in hands laughing*
Fair enough.

The Sisters gave me a break and in the mail yesterday (i realised this morning
as i saw it sitting on the counter) my Drivers License Renewal form arrived!!!


I won't even have to go to the DPS (DMV)--I just have to mail them $24 and they will
send me a new one with my new address on it.


No shit.
Pretty fabulous, huh?

I let Maggie out again, she was too nervous earlier this afternoon to really get outside
and do her doggy business. This time she bounded out--and MAD BARKING ensued.
There are two dogs to our East and two to our South and one to our North.

A chain link fence divides us.

It scared the hell out of me. (Those of you who know me well are aware of my fear of
dogs...these were BIG dogs, BIG BARKING UNHAPPY DOGS.)

I didn't have ANY idea what to do.
I called to Maggie over and over, but she was far too involved with this strange ritual
I was about to witness.

Snarling, barking, jumping against the fences...
But I stood my ground, and slowly tried to get close enough to Maggie to take her in
by her collar--I wondered if I had earned her respect yet...as an alpha???
Would she turn and bite me???

Then suddenly everyone calmed down.
Maggie stood still with her head down and the dogs to our East sniffed her and then
licked her. Everyone seemed satisfied with the arrangement, but I could not help but
see that Maggie was shaking. She was scared too.

Then it happened all over again with the dogs to our South, bigger meaner looking
mongrels...more snarling. And racing up and down the fence. Then finally, they all
calmed and she let them sniff her, again...shaking and shaking.

I stood there, awed by it all.

Somehow this whole ritual seemed to come to a close...I stepped into the door and
made to close it--Maggie ran to me.

Inside, with the door closed, I knelt down and hugged her and petted her and told her
what a good dog she was. She seemed very grateful to be inside.

I have so much to learn.

And Kaditty has found a favourite spot on the counter in the kitchen where he can
eye-ball me at all times. He looks at me like I am from Mars. I suppose that is how I
look at him as well.

He is asleep in his corner, Maggie is asleep curled on the floor to my left.
My Claritin will take a few days to truly kick in, but perhaps it is having a placibo
effect already. I am sniffling and my head hurts...but I am not itching.

That is progress.

Yup. I am satisfied with even just that.
Not itching.

Ben should be home soon, and I know our fuzzy-ones will be much relieved to see him
instead of the nervous baby-sitter they have been stuck with all day.

So will the nervous baby-sitter.


I'll give him another 15 minutes, but then I must bail for work.

I gots BEER SLINGIN' to do!