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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

*Spins around her Box Cluttered little Room*

July 20th, 2006 (06:00 pm)
current song: The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing/ THE M.Fs

I talked with the nice AT&T lady today...
Told her I just wanted to transfer my phone, I wanted to transfer my DSL but my
Benjamin (said 'boyfriend', but that never rolls off my tongue true) works for DEL
and he really preferred RoadRunner...to their DSL.

Oh yeah, it worked.


She upgraded my phone service, my DSL, and knocked 20 bucks off the total bill.
Will be paying less, for more.
Told me that after 6 and a half years with them I was a PREFERRED CUSTOMER...
whatever that really means, I felt relieved.

*shakes her sneaky-little-butt to the HAPPY DANCE*

NONE of that was untrue...just, a bit calculated in the delivery.


So I get to keep EVERYTHING!!!

My phone number, my email address, and my silly little Grandfathered space from
*PRODIGY where all my pictures live that are linked to Livejournal.

Push of a button on August 1st and my whole world just SHIFTS over...

Mind at ease.

Now I'm running on pure excitement, that was my fear-iest fear.
And it's over.

Nothing left but packing and planning and BEN SQUEEZIN'!!!

All of which, I am QUITE good at.