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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

No Canoes, No Squirrels....

May 12th, 2006 (09:00 am)

Still I had a damned fine Thursday with my Bear.

If you haven't been in for the JERK CHICKEN SALAD at Z-Tejas in a while, please go.
Have a salty dog with their GOODFLOW grapefruit juice when you do.
Then a bloody mary at Opals FreeHouse (not my location). Ask for Landon.
Then several Lonestars and a few weird shots at Casino's while watching a "BRAD
PITT GETS BEAT UP" themed movie day.

(We made it through SNATCH and half of SEVEN, but not as far as FIGHT CLUB)

It's just been Faaaaaaaaaaaaaar too long since I hung out with my Bear.
We stayed up too late, and I am sure he is sleeping now in a car with his buddies...
headed for something I cannot remember the name of. Race Bikes are involved.

Edit: The Houston Grand Prix

He's gone for the weekend and it is traditionally... a bit of a hangover inducing
PAR-TAY. With fast machines. BE SAFE--Bear, or I will kick your ass.
As I understand it you will not be ON the bikes, yes???


I gave him a good head start. The Monopolowa must still be ringing in his head.
Love you Bear, Thanks for my Thursday.