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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

My Lonestar bottlecap-puzzle says "Eazy come, Eazy Go"....

April 24th, 2006 (03:10 am)
current song: I Got Stripes, Johnny Cash

Thank-you beer gods, for providing three in my fridge tonight.
Oh sure I bought 'em and put them there--but only under your benevolent guidance.

I'm slap happy--Just showered 8+ hours of Opal's-Patio Sweat off of my sticky little body.
Closing on Sunday is a slow torture most weeks, and this was my first time to do it alone

Curious as to how I have shed so many inches, so quickly, I purchased a pedometer
the other day--Tonight, on an excruciatingly slow evening...I walked six miles it seems.
I think the steps are set too close, my gate it far wider than I have it programmed...
I really may have walked farther.

I'm almost afraid to see how much tread I got through on a hopping Wednesday nite!

Fortunately there were several regulars to not only entertain me, but make it a profitable
evening as well. Bless you BOYS FROM POLVO's!!!
They get off work, with fat pockets, and come and sit outside around 12 AM and pour
good tequila and bad lager down their throats and hash out their evening.


The day started early--I was there before 9 AM, mistaken about my schedule!!!
Henry and I were sitting outside (manager) having a FIRST CIGARETTE... chatting
and having (my) Red Bull. He kept looking at his schedule and scratching his head.

Honey, you umm....you know you aren't in until 6 PM today, right?

*head in hands*

I was so embarrassed--he assured me it happened several times a week, and not to
worry about it. *HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!*

I called barry_barry and asked if he'd like to hang out, he said that would be
great. I zipped over there on Thelonious and we spent a loverly morning and
afternoon together. He commented on my jeans, how he liked them and had never
seen them before. I laughed and told him that was because my ass hasn't fit INTO them
in about 6 months...

I made breakfast tacos, and we caught up on SciFi Friday and some "Good Eats" episodes.
We drank good coffee and enjoyed ourselves, it's been too long since I had a lazy Sunday
with my Bear.

Eventually I had to take a nap, curled up on his couch.

He checked Thelonious out while I snoooooozed and put air in his tires and then
presented me with a little gift he had scored off the internet. Bear is such a very very
good GOD FATHER to Thelonious! *laughing*
I now have a little container that looks a bit like a short fire extinguisher, that holds
two cups of fuel safely under my seat.

So that I may NEVER run out of gas again, like I did on Easter, and have to push him up
a hill....in 101 degree Texas Sun!!!


I love you Bear!!!

Then at 5:30 I left for work for the SECOND time today.
I felt like an idiot!!!

But I'm home now, and have the next two days off.

*tugs on her beer*

And two more Lonestars.


I'm going to sleep gooooooooooood tonight.


Posted by: barry_barry (barry_barry)
Posted at: April 24th, 2006 03:02 pm (UTC)

I'm glad you had a good night. You looked SO sleepy when you left. Hopefully, you'll never have to use your "hero in a bottle" for Thelonious, but just in case, it's there ;)

I had a good time with you yesterday, even if you were passed out on my couch for several hours ;) Besides, I'll never turn down Ginger's breakfast tacos!

Posted by: Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931)
Posted at: April 24th, 2006 10:36 pm (UTC)

Me too!
Thank-you so much for the new toy!!!

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