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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Watching the March, on the Evening News...

April 10th, 2006 (11:13 pm)

My Parents made me know--growing up as I did, a good Southern Baptist kid
that the CHURCH was not the building that we were in.

Not the seats we sat on.
Not the walls that housed us or the carpet we walked on.

Child's hand game:
here's the church
here's the steeple
open it up
here's all the

All those wiggling fingers locked together. Intertwined.
The Bride, was not a building.

What we were of--was us.
And not a place.

My Parents showed me over the years of my existence
they actually believed
actually practiced
this idea.

Their belief, engendering my own belief in them--over and over.

So the concept makes sense to me, now.

I've a better relationship with The Sisters than I do any Judeo/Christian God.
But what they taught me, never left me.
Wildly valuable.

I look at the carpet of my country, the Seats...the Walls.
And I know that is not who my Country is.

We have a nasty History, there is much that we from our very inception
have to answer for--but we are most of all...

People with nothing in common but each-other-in-a-space, an IDEA.

I crave a culture, I crave it endlessly...
Girl in Austin, raised on Okinawa, High School in Germany, college in Southern
California--where are my ROOTS? I was born in New Jersey on Fort Dix in 1970!??

How do I find myself???
Where do I align.

I watched all those flags today.
Me, the Military brat with so many mixed feelings about flags...

I do love that Flag. For reasons very different
from those of my retired-USAF-Colonel-of-a-Father?

At our core, we believe in the same things--My Father and I.

I am ashamed of the Houses and Walls and Carpet, of this building.
Not the "church".

This Idea is open to all.
People will decide what happens next
not the furniture.

We forgot...

The Idea is being remembered.
The Idea is all we have, to keep us whole.

The idea is far larger than the walls can contain.

Sadly, it is most forgotten, here.

America, will have to be reminded by the rest of the world,
as well as herself.

Maybe in my lifetime...there will be new furniture.
There will certainly be new Flags.