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I liked it.

I didn't like parts of it.
But I liked it.

My foot tapped heavy, and I shouted out a few words...
Alamo South lets you get away with things like that.

The guy sitting next to you doesn't mind...
He's 45, has a pompadour.
He'll shout something too.

Daniel bought the tickets, I bought the Lone Star.

And I mouthed the words to the songs that I grew up to.

He didn't do a bad job, that silly little boy........
*flicks her ash*
But June did NOT write Ring of Fire.

(*Edit: turns out, she did...heh.)

I thought of that moment in High Fidelity...
where he says what his favourite book is:

CASH, by Johnny Cash.

I suppose I will have to go find it now.
And read it.

*tips her whisky into her mouth and smiles as she swallows hard*

Johnny Cash died while my Father was at MD Anderson.
When I thought I was losing my Father.

Pop's surgery was on my 33rd Birthday.

(The day before I left for Houston:
The day I came home.... was strange to say goodbye to you, on such a day.
I was sitting in a breakfast room filled with the families of people who were at
MD Anderson....each one of us, afraid. Each one of us facing death in one form or
another. The whole room went quiet when your death was announced on the
television. We looked at each other. It was so quiet.

My Pop had made it.
We were going home.

The silverware began to clink again, and I just stared around...
water running down my face.

I made it through the whole film without a tear.
It was only as the credits rolled...and June and Johnny were actually heard.
The flood came.

The Kids did a good job, but nobody sings
like June and Johnny.
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