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Really, how do you begin a thing like this?

Behind me is a shelf, an entire SHELF of books.
I've scrawled through each of them.

They go back almost 15 years.
They are just the ones from HERE.

They record the circles I have been witness to in this Austin.
They Circle out from a Polaris at 604 Neches Street.

My jobs, my love life, everything that kept me upright and walking.........
From that dense dark star in the centre.


I remember when my MOTHER needed Lovejoys.
It was a strange day.
She runs shelters, she works with the food bank....
I was still a kid, in her 20's, and she called to see if I could help.
My chest rose. I felt real. Mother needed ME
It was a coffee problem.

She had 60 pounds of coffee that was whole bean.
It had been donated.
People in the world where she helped, didn't have grinders.

WE went to every coffee house I had connections to.
Then, that was FOUR.
We ground five pounds at each stop.

I saved the REAL one for last.
The BAR.....when I borrowed their car, I was told not to park it
in front of.


That evil evil BAR.

Mum was there in time for happy hour.
Happy hour back then meant Jeopardy!!!!!

My friends were there.
CHIP was there.

We all drank coffee through Jeopardy, to stay sharp.
Guinness after.

The rest of Mum's 60 pounds of coffee was ground at Club Love.
She loosened up and argued with Waldo.
I love Waldo, I love my Mum.

She did Jeopardy at Lovejoys.........
and never complained about my bar, again.

Mom and Waldo hit it off.

*laughing into her hands*

Even Jennifer Lou Stevens.......loves Lovejoys.
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