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Do You Know where LOVEJOYS got it's name?

Best of Lovejoy Mysteries

He's charming, handsome and brilliant and not to be trusted for a second. He's Ian McShane as Lovejoy, the disreputable antiques dealer whose ability to spot a genuine antique at a glance is rivaled only by his rare knack for getting into trouble. Clad in his trademark black leather jacket, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, Lovejoy scours the countryside in search of valuable antiques and speedy profit. What he usually finds in the seemingly quiet world of antique shops and auctions is trickery, forgery, double-dealing, foul play, and sometimes even murder! But there's no need to worry. This rogue always finds a way to scrounge and scrimp his way out of trouble, conjuring up the most outrageous money-making schemes and swindling even his most loyal allies. With his inimitable charm, sardonic wit, and his trusted aides Tinker Dill, Lady Jane Felsham, and Eric Catchpole, Lovejoy is ready to play any game of deception-and win!

I'm turning stories over and over in my head. How I got there, and what happened next.


It's always seemed overwhelming, and even with a dreadful end in sight.....
it is no easier.

Andrew Peltz told me to go there, Mike Hall was a friend of the manager.
I was 23 years old.
My Austin Universe was just about to begin.
A Sous Chef in the only starred restaurant in Austin.....would lead me to it.

A home even my bar-loathing mother would one day praise.

Club Love.


I grew up
in that bar.

I lived and died a thousand times in that room.
That space.

How many pints of Guinness gripped in shaky and steady hand,

I have spent a third of my life in that space.

My Church.

Now I have to write it all down.
I have to make it all make sense.

If I do what I claim I do...I can.
I will.

I owe that to my Church.
Where I have wept and laughed...
and drunk deep.

Where I grew up.
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