Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

Some of You Know What This Means....

A small handful of you, know what this MEANS.

maybe four of you.


Joseph Henley Tait, if you are watching, you are the thumb that makes five.

My heart is pounding.

the book

I could never figure out how to begin my book...because it had no end.
"Twenty-Four Flats--a Book of Leaves"
It began when I walked into that bar, February 26th, 1994.

The AUSTIN that I was suddenly a part of. The exchange of humanity that became
everything I wrote about, everything I wanted to write about.

Chip and Charles (disophy1) have been kicking me in the ass for what will be
TWELVE write this thing.

I've balked and backed up, and made excuses.
Just a week ago, I said to Daniel.........

I will never be able to write it, until Lovejoys ENDS.

I grew up THERE.

I owe it The Story.


And me... begging for a JOB?
THIS is my JOB.

This is overwhelming.
I knew....but.
I never believed.
I never thought Club Love would END.

Everything about my Austin.....started at 604 Neches.

Who I am today....grew there. Evolved there.

*cracks her lucky Zippo*


I actually have to DO this now.

*covers her face and cries*
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