Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

And Chip Says: (Copy of the News Letter)


Yes, I believe so. Probably at the end of March.


Lots of reasons, I suppose.

Here goes....

When I opened Lovejoys in January of 1994 there was no place like it in Austin. Most of the downtown places were either dance clubs, restaurants or music venues. I wanted a place where the whole goal was just to hang out with your friends, make some new friends and share stimulating conversation over a few beers. Community and camaraderie reigned supreme, everything else was periphery.

People responded, and I was thrilled.

Well, the community is different now. There are lots of places that do the same sort of thing we do. You might say we started something and others followed (and improved upon it, perhaps).

I'm not one to complain about competetion... without competetors, one becomes complacent. Unfortunately, thanks to the powers that be, I'm not playing on the same field as many of my competetors.

When I opened Lovejoys there was an APD sub-station across the street. Next to that was a vending company warehouse, and across the street from the warehouse was a parking lot. Over the last 12 years, the APD substation became a crack-dealing convenience store (oh, the irony!), the vending company warehouse is now a soup kitchen, and the parking lot is now a $7-million dollar homeless shelter. How many businesses are going to survive that?

Well, we did.

Then there came the smoking ban.... [rant] Fuck a bunch of no-good, self-righteous yuppie pricks who never even set foot in this place to begin with. [/rant] ... many of my competetors have facilities better suited to deal with Austin's smoking ban. I have no patio, and no place to put one. (NO, not even the roof. The building is historic; you can't mess with it. And even if you could, we're looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering upgrades.) People are trying to remain loyal, and I appreciate that, but it's just too easy to go to a place where you can have a beer and a smoky treat at the same time.


I never set out to attract smokers in the first place. Read the first paragraph again. I can't help it if the people who are in to what we do also happen to smoke. And I don't want to change my business to accomidate new people, dammit. I like my concept just the way it is. And if I can't have it the way I want it, then fuck it, I'm out.


Yes, I would. I do believe that the groundwork I put in place could be altered and improved upon by someone with a slightly different vision. I do not claim to be the only person who can run a bar. I would get great satisfaction in seeing someone take Lovejoys to the next level (just like Frank did with Emo's). If anyone is seriously interested in buying the place, then contact Don Busby at 383-0016.

Thanks to everyone who has ever brought something to the conversation at Lovejoys. You have all made my life richer.

Celebrate Your Vices!


metaphorge...that's ONE. and one I couldn't afford to lose.
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