Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

Hey Everybody

I've been in hibernation...

I needed it.
Sometimes your body just tells you.

I haven't checked my in box, or seen anyone since Friday.
My friend Barry and I had gone for coffee early that afternoon,
and then hit TOY JOY to look for a housewarming gift for the party
we had planned to attend that evening.

When we got in the car I suddenly felt what seemed to be a hang-over.
But I hadn't had that much to drink the night before--Daniel's monthly
"going away party" hadn't been much of a BENDER...still I felt my head
start to spin, and my stomach churn. I began to feel car sick. I never feel car sick.

The cold sweats kicked in and I was dreadfully afraid I was going to toss it,
in Barry's two seater convertible...

Barry dropped me off at home, and returned with my requested "mineral water"--
by then I had already thrown up several times. I didn't get out of bed. He brought me
a glass of the stuff and left quickly--at my request.

I had to laugh--MUCH LATER--when I looked in my fridge and realised why Helen
had said later that evening Well, you have enough Perrier... while putting the
wonderful things they had brought, away in my fridge.

He had brought SIX liters of the stuff. My little fridge could barely hold it all.
Half a case of Perrier was chilling in my icebox. Thank-you Barry!

And thank-you again, Annie and Helen, for being there--for coming
when I needed you most. I really thought I was dying.

People, I literally crawled to the door--Stood, unlocked and opened it,
and then stumbled back to my curled position on the futon.
Annie put her hands on me and swore, I was burning up with fever.

But these two ladies had entered with four shopping bags full of everything
I could possibly have needed. A case of ginger-ale, a bottle of Pepto,
crackers, pretzels, and Gatorade.

I just lay there, and shivered, and breathed as shallowly as possible.
I had tossed my cookies yet again, just before they arrived, and was afraid
to move--lest it start all over again.

They got some pink stuff in me, something for the fever, and poured me a glass
of yellow Gatorade, and sat with me.
Helen kept wanting to get me a cold compress, and Annie
was distressed that I was still in my jeans--and not in comfy jammies.

I refused to move for either.
So they sat with me.
Slowly got some liquids in me, to STAY in me.
Maybe it was their Energy, their Spirit....but I finally started to feel
Human again.

They left reluctantly, making sure I had both of their cell numbers by the phone
on the floor by the futon near my head.

An hour after they left--I barfed it all up again, and had to start over.
But that was the last time. I put on some jammies and crawled in to rest.
Saturday I just fought the fever, and the queasy...and tried to get liquid into
myself. My eyes felt dry, my skin, lips chapped...I knew I was wildly dehydrated.

I've just been resting ever since.
Every muscle in my body hurt. I had absolutely no strength.
Monday I sat at the computer just long enough to let everyone know
I was still alive.

But I crawled back into bed immediately after.
Where I've pretty much stayed.

Tomorrow, I hit the streets again. I've lost a great deal of time.
The Trip to Vegas, and then all of this...
If need be I will just work through these Holidays.
Not go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I really don't see any way around this.
But that will get me out of the hole. And back...
Back into the World.

Lordy, I miss The World.

I've been humbled by all this, in ways I really cannot articulate at this moment.
I simply know that I can do anything that I need to, now.

Even if that's a grave shift at TOYS R US for the next two months.

It's gotta be done.
And I'm not too cool to do it, now.
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