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Spectacular Spectacular... Continued Part II

When I try and wrap my head around the organisation that this Adventure required,
my brain goes screwy. Nine people in the Party...4 Hotels, vastly different arrival and
departure times? I am amazed it went down with the elegance that it did. But it Did.

I can with total conviction say: This was by far the COOLEST Wedding
I have ever attended, and most certainly the one I am most proud of having been
allowed to actually BE a part of. Hands down.

All this said....*smirks once more at Charles*

We were meant to separate into boy/girl groups that morning...Saturday.
Brunch and such, focus on getting ready for the 5:30 PM ceremony at the TOP
of the Stratosphere....and have a little fun along the way.

But a few details had yet to be secured.
Yidi still did not have her veil, there were no plans for flowers, or the cake...
And they still didn't have a marriage license.

*smacks Charles in the back of the head*

That last bit--RATHER important, particularly for our couple.

*shakes head grinning with her eyes closed*

But if it hadn't gone down the way it all did....
I wouldn't know my Yidi as I do today.
Trial by Fire.
So all good Friendships are forged!!!

The scramble began.
The tension was, in hindsight, GORGEOUS!

We left Charles' Mum and his Aunt Joyce at the Stratosphere,
and headed off into the wilds of Las Vegas to figure out how these things
could be accomplished.

License first.

Clock ticking....
Charles had to pick up the other two "Best Men" at the Airport at 11AM...
Mike and Slay (swear to god, Slay, that's his given name...and he completely
owns it. *grins*) were coming in on the same flight from Austin.

Timing, as always, was EVERYTHING.

I played photographer throughout...Loving the shots of them filling out the paper work
under the sign that stated the dollar amount for a marriage in Las Vegas, the paper
work filled out with little golf pencils.

Skittish, I joked about wanting to stand outside--lest I accidentally get married myself!

The line, the window, I took each shot--even as the clerk handed them the final piece
of paper...*LAUGHS AND SMILES*

We made our way back to the Stratosphere, and separated. Now the REAL work
could begin. Charles left to pick up Mike and Slay.

Yidi and I went out in search of a veil.
On foot--blind to the ways of Vegas--full of hope.

How could something like
No time and no room for failure.
We found a funny little shop, with a funny little man.

Long flat blocks--into our search...
Under an endless glass-blue sky.

Nothing was right. Her dress was so elegantly simple.
She did not need a pinata on her head.
He made the veils himself, in the shop.
I saw the many bolts of every shade of white tulle....

I found myself clenching my fists as he tried to talk her into something she
did not want. She KNEW what she wanted. We left. There was only one more shop
on the strip that did what we needed--and they didn't do it right either.

The clock...TIC TIC TIC

We went back to the funny little man.
He finally pulled out a small veil, cream tulle, simple.
She explained to him how she wanted to wear it
and he laughed at her, still trying to change her mind.

She is more polite than I am. Very much so. When he smarmily told her
that it simply isn't DONE that way--I plastered my broadest angry-grin on my face and
announced to him loudly, with a growl under my tongue, that:

I shot "smiley" lasers through him.
(Don't fuck with my Yidi. I will take you down.)
Was understood. Politely.

We left with what we had come for.

Much time had passed. We could not reach Mum and Joyce, they had the key to her
room....It was closing in on 1:30 PM. Finally Yidi got Joyce on Mum's cell phone, the two
of them were very excited.

They had found flowers and the PERFECT cake.
By themselves they had figured out the bus system and traversed their own Quest,
with BRILLIANT success.

*happy sigh*

The four of us went to a late lunch, and relaxed a bit.
(and yes--during all of this? The boys were drinking and playing cards...)

Joyce got the folks at the Diner to sing "Going to the Chapel" for Yidi....
It was a lot of fun. Much heaving of relieved laughter. We were making good time.

The ladies took a nap while Yidi got to work on the little details of nails and such...
And I ventured out onto the strip to retrieve my bag from the other Hotel. Though I had
my dress--I fancied I would like to have ALL of my things near me. Oh--and I had two
beers left in the fridge there. *GRINS* The 20 minute walk went quickly.

I got back and Yidi and I whispered around the room, finally laying down on the other
bed not occupied by the she blew on her nails and I rested a Negra Modelo on my tummy
and wondered what the boys were up to. I was very happy to be there,
staring at the ceiling--exhausted, and the event not even yet begun...So happy.

We giggled and whispered about when we should wake the matrons, it was 3:45 PM.
Time to start getting ready! Sometimes I really enjoy being a girl...this was one of those
rare and wonderful times.

Yidi showed me her DRESS. A white cream silk spaghetti strapped gown, from China.
A sheer shell of whisper-thin fabric over it, with the delicate details of a Traditional Chinese Wedding dress.
My clumsy Western fingers fastened the dozens of tiny knot-loops of the frog closures
up her side and across her chest to the split collar at her throat.
She was a Jewel. I wanted to cry, she was so beautiful.

I put on my own dress, I did Yidi's hair...and fitted the veil onto her lovely head.
There was tension and laughter, busy energy.
I put my combat-boot-comfy-feet into high heels....
The phone rang.
I grabbed it--Charles had left his tie and his hair product in the room--he was in the
the other tower where Mike's room was. I rouged my lips and grabbed what was
needed and tore out of the room--dead run the whole way. In heels.

Past the silly restaurants and the slot machines and the noise and the craven energy
of Las Vegas....I had a MISSION. I am the Maid of Honour. I am Yidi's Roadie! I am so very very proud to have been given this responsibility. Over and over as the
day had passed, I had my "BAG" on my shoulder--and when something was needed,
I pulled it out. I knew what these things I carry around all the time....were FOR.
Finally, their Purpose.
*laughs happily*

She was always surprised when I had what was needed.
My heart swelled.

I knocked on the door of the 15th floor room in the second tower, and Charles took his
things and introduced me to Mike. I paused only long enough to shake Mike's hand and
note that he was 6 foot 1 of blue-eyed broad-shouldered suited-up HOTNESS.
Then tore back full speed to the Bridal Suite.

Final details polished.
The gals headed for the EVENT.
Where all of this has been heading, where all of the plans and moments and hope and
tensions and giggles........were leading to.

The TOP.
The very very TOP.

I still carried my "BAG"--Yidi's things and my things and everyTHING packed and ready,
at a moment's notice. Proudest Roadie EVA.

I can say a lot of things about my Long Dear-Friend Charles,
some of them are even GOOD...


But the man has a GIFT, for metaphor...

A Gift.

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