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Everytime I Add Someone...

I get drawn by suspect vanity, to look at my INFO page.

The "interests" list...
I haven't looked at it in a while.

I see my weaknesses names, so many bar names...
I laughed when I saw that Alberto Giacometti was there, after 42 and 931.

ginger's a virgo, ginger's a dog.

I fell in love with his sculptures when I was studying Art History during my weak college
career... Art History, we'd gone on a field trip to The Norton Simon.

Still my favourite museum.
In little ole' Pasadena.
I loved the museums of Europe, but the Norton...
It's personal.

The exhibit was on Tour.
(July 19th, 1991--I cheated and looked in the old paper journal)
I saw these FIGURES--these tall figures of bronze...

The first time I'd really ever bumped chests with a real Existentialist.
I stood there at the feet of these huge thin figures, far longer than the rest
of my class.

(I don't remember adding him to my list.
I forget a lot of things that may be important.)

But I remember seeing His work.
I remember vividly.
I couldn't leave.
(fingering the old paper journal from that day, how much I wrote...
just standing there.)

I was 20 years old.
Everything I was feeling, towering over me.
I kept trying to see a face.
Alberto wasn't about faces.

I wanted to compare these figures to the Degas bronze of "THE LITTLE DANCER"
that lives there at the Norton Simon.

this looks like her...but she is everywhere...Bronze. i think My girl has worn her dress longer...

Tattered tule toutou still clinging...

I was 20, these things could be different and the same in my head.

There was so much room in my head back then.

My head gets so crowded...these days.

Bukowski and Nin

Pinky & the Brain, and Boys with Tennessee Accents


The little black dress, red kryptonite, the mean reds--

the trash heap......

And Alberto.

I'm 35, and I am just realising that I am what I wanted to BE.

::Clicks her lucky Zippo and looks at herself in the mirror over her Blinky Box::


There's room.
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