Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

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Dia de los Muertos.......

Celebrate Life.

I've been morphed by strange magic....
into a morning person, of late.

I went to CM this AM and got juice and fruit and bubbly water...
for my morning.

I got planning to do, I need my vitamins!

I helped a little-older-lady load a HUGE (50 lbs?) pumpkin into her cart,
outside the market, juggling my helmet to do so.
She was telling me with much enthusiasm that: they should really
have stories about these--you know they grow these in Texas!

I smiled, and helped here lower the large gourd into her cart.
Cut my finger doing so--didn't care.
She wanted more stories.
I saw her filling a card out at the info desk later...when I was grabbing
my own cart. (I like to skate around on them, I had come for very little more)

Celebrate Life.

I raged home on Thelonious...the sun and air was so fair, I just road
around on him for awhile--zooming past my apartment.

The sky is HIGHER this time of year.

More Clear.

I highly recommend struggling with a pumpkin today.
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