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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

Ever get the feeling you are going to HELL...

October 18th, 2005 (02:13 am)
current song: Wow And Flutter

Simply because you are enjoying yourself too much?

Ah. Well you didn't have Southern Baptist parents, then.

I had a brilliant time with Annie tonight.
She called and asked if I would meet her and her old friend...
in town for only a few moments, at OPAL DIVINE's South.

I zoomed up, on Thelonious.

The sun set in Joseph's eyes, and the full harvest moon rose
in ours.

The moon was red, and huge.

She hadn't seen him in four years.

The moon was FULL.

I followed them back to She and Helen's place.
Thelonious was happy.
Guitars were involved.

Their home is magic.
Things happen there that do not happen

A group gathered.
We sat out by the pool where we could see the moon.

Foods appeared.
Cheese and grapes and dark dark chocolate....
Wine and Bourbon and potato vodka martinis.

Stories spun....
The guitar was passed around.
Songs were listened to...Songs were sung to.

I kept looking up at that moon, it wasn't huge anymore.
It wasn't red.

It was cold and clear and far away, looking down on all
of us laughing and kissing and loving each other.

I met another girl who loves Rick Springfield!
I already knew her...
We spat lyrics at each other and hugged and hugged laughing.
She teaches 4th graders.

She and her Baboo had gone to a "Japanese Moon Viewing"
the night before.

We talked about the Oban festival.

The moon was high.

I had my camera.
I did not take a single picture.

You just have to picture it in your mind.
Nothing I could have captured in pixels would
do justice...

People who hadn't seen each other in years...
People who live next door.

I always feel WHOLE when I visit this place.
Annie's house.
Annie and Helen's house.

They have a Home...

I want a Helen of my own.
Or an Annie?

I'm more Helen than I am Annie.

I want an Annie of my own.


No one could be a better Annie, than my very own.

Maybe I want a Jeff?
But could he be like Annie?

*shakes head and squares herself*

You know what I mean.

It was a good night.
With good friends.

The Moon was kind.

I hope each of you have a place like I have...
where anything you've carried in on your shoulders
can be cast aside. Given a locker, to stay in.

I stopped at a point, and remembered what I was
supposed to be worrying about.

Big shit, I am not getting things done, the next two weeks
are terrifying. I froze. My stomach turned.

I looked around.
At the faces of these people.

I knew whatever happened next,
these people would still be there.

The party split...people needed sleep.
Work in the morning.

I kissed my Annie and my Helen.
Hugged Joseph.

Gathered my keys.

Keys to my own home.
Keys to Thelonious.
Keys to the locker...

I stopped and bought gas.
A dollar made him full again.

Then we ran hard all the way home.
Loud and Fast.

thank-you for Thelonious.