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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]


July 31st, 2005 (01:52 pm)

Chow is home...


Mr Smith and I giggled, following the ENORMOUS tow truck that had been sent,
to take the corpse of my DAZON Diamondback 50 from his house
to my apartment--less than three miles away.

It felt so very cavalcade-y...
I fancied those on the side of the hot Austin summer streets,
were doffing their cowboy hats, and holding them...

over their mouths laughing!


But it's done.
HE has his keys,
I have my keys,

and the Albatross is home where it belongs.

Anybody wanna buy a helmet?
Only been used ONCE................

*waves two fingers in the general direction of scooter*