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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]


July 11th, 2005 (06:50 pm)

Oh, it was still good.

hairypolack and I saw it yesterday...and I gotta say, the company
made it better.


(oh you should have seen us, me in my F4 T-shirt and he in his Captain America...
catching it in DEEPEST DARKEST North Austin, at the Lakeline Mall--I'll get the pics
out of my camera soon....We were out of our element--Dork Royalty in a foreign
FOREIGN country!!!)

The audience was....... abyss-mall.

We were the only two who hooted when Willy Lumpkin made his

Both looked at each other and said: DEVO!
at the same moment of recognition...

(if you know what I'm talking about--PLEASE explain it's relevance?
I mean, beyond the idea that these five folks have in fact made rapid EVO?
If you haven't seen the Movie yet, keep an eye on the background for
'framed photos'...)


I just hope there's a sequel...they really were only able to set up, for a story.
It wasn't Great.
But it didn't Suck.

And the AC cut out--so we got free passes for something else!


Recovering from my barrage of VISITORS these past weeks, today...
Still in my Jammies--finally watching what I recorded Saturday night, off NBC.

I hadn't been able to catch any of the SciFi Channel's new-take
on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, as I am without cable...
But they played the last three episodes of the Series on regular-with-
rabbit-ears TV, to introduce the rest of the series on SciFi.

I gotta say, I'm far less pissed off about Starbuck than I thought I would be.
But the series is WEIRD.

I can't decide if I like the Religious thrust, or not.
Instinctually--I like it...it is a messy new layer to a played story...
But I keep flinching when I see where my Mom might play it
for her Sunday School Class.

What I've seen has made me raise my eye-brow several times.

I am not complaining.

A dying drugged up vision-seeing-witch-Queen is refreshing, as well.........

I know, they aren't going to play this on my busted up little TV anymore,
but I'm on my second viewing--and first one's free, baby is working
on THIS little black duck.

I want more.

I've only seen the set ups for these three episodes...have to draw a lot from clipped
scenes. But apparently Starbuck still smokes cigars...fights with Apollo...and sleeps

And EVERYBODY drinks heavily.


And the cards, and the card table.......
(yeah, I had a deck of those cards, as a kiddo)

They've done well, what I thought they would fail by corruption.

They've made women, REAL characters.

Plenty of sex, but no cleavage shots.
Desperate people, in desperate times..........

Equally strong, and brave and weak and HUMAN.

I love it when Starbuck punches Apollo, and he punches her back.

They are equals.

And she...She's still the Han Solo I loved in the old Starbuck.
But she has more places I can connect to--she isn't a female
in a male character. She is a Female Starbuck.

My only option as a 7 year old, that I could wrap my head around...
was to want to be WITH Han Solo, and then Starbuck.

She bridges the gap.

She IS Starbuck....
With all the nasty traits I've picked up over the years.

zutroy called me a new-soul.
I blanched at this.
He's five years younger than me.

He was explaining, in few words,
why I seem to have such tunnel vision.
Why there are so many gaps....
other places so full.

We were on the freeway when he said it.

I watched the scenery passing at 65 miles an hour.

St Edward's University...like a castle.

It was yesterday.

Do they say FRACK more now, or is it just me?

"we are playing our parts in a story that is played out again and again
through-out eternity"


Posted by: Ms Heidi (veritatem)
Posted at: July 11th, 2005 11:54 pm (UTC)

my friend pfarley really likes the new battlestar, and i totally trust his judgment on matters scifi. i'll watch it in five years when the dvds finally make their way through the monster that is my netflix queue.

Posted by: Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931)
Posted at: July 12th, 2005 08:14 pm (UTC)

I have grown very patient since they started releasing whole
series seasons on DVD...

I don't mind waiting a few years to sit down and watch
sans commercials, and at my own speed...

I'm still catching up on SG-1!

Haven't gotten on the netflix wagon yet--
maybe when I get a JOB?

Posted by: hairypolack (hairypolack)
Posted at: July 13th, 2005 01:08 am (UTC)

I had a very definte reason for wanting to drag youout of your regular universe

BUT being with a crowd opening night nerds at the Alamo would have helped the FF a LOT!

I had my reasons- but--- it didnt work the way I wanted.

You win next time.

you didnt comment on my review of the flick.

Posted by: Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931)
Posted at: July 13th, 2005 01:17 am (UTC)


haven't read it.

Posted by: Glenn (gev)
Posted at: July 13th, 2005 05:07 pm (UTC)
yay DEVO!

I loved seeing that picture on the dresser...

but Hairypolack is *wrong*, I think, in believing that
a different audience would have made the movie better.

and I read somewhere that FF2 & 3 are already in contract.
ye GODS I hope they're better.</pre>

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: July 13th, 2005 09:41 pm (UTC)
Re: yay DEVO!

Hey gev

Ive heard nearly ALL movies sign their actors to a 3 picture deal-

just in case the 1st ones a hit

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