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Red Lipstick & Green Ink [userpic]

YES, I do in fact KNOW, i have been an ASS lately....

May 10th, 2005 (01:44 am)
current song: Mammon


But in other News....

The Meal with my Folks yesterday went verrrrry well.
I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

I have pics, but can't get them to work.
But that is nothing new....

I got to USE my professionally trained CHEF Little Brother....
as my assistant!
It was awesome:

Craig, butterfly these shrimp for me...
::hands him the bag on ice::


I have a pound and a half of perfectly butterflied shrimp!


I went for simple, there were just so many Folks, in my tiny space.
A fresh spinach fett on a bed of lightly steamed green beans--
big pesto drenchy shrimp and slivers of red bell pepper.

Big loaf of crusty bread!

Everyone had plenty to eat, and seemed to like it!

Clean up was easy.

But I shirked my daughterly duty....
and *gulp* Bought Mom a cherry pie at CM.

I know.
It's what she loves....
My Pies.
I just...

I just didn't have the time or energy.
I suck.

She FINALLY seemed okay with it,
they DO have great pies at CM.
I know the Pastry Chefs PERSONALLY!!!!

But really, I'll never hear the end of it.
She does SO love
to yank my chain.

(point: when we went outside to take pictures...
One of my neighbors came up and offered to take one
so Zut could be in it--Mom spouted "oh he's not Family,
he's just the flavour of the Month!"
I think I screamed over her loud enough that said flavour
didn't HEAR her....*smirks* THAT is my MOM.)

We finished up the main course, as timed,
just as zutroy arrived.
(i tried to invite him, but he bowed out graciously--
understanding I had NO ROOM for 7 people...)
So he came for coffee and pie,
to Meet the Colonel.


I wish you could have seen those two...

My Pop had already eyed my new Blinky Box set up,
asked if I had DSL--and BEAMED when I said:
YES, and it's wireless.

He was sitting in the middle of my floor, with his own laptop
connected, in ten minutes flat.

The days of a wallet full of photo's are ANCIENT history now.

Zut arrived, *laughs and laughs* with HIS new 'little toy' under his arm.
(it's small and powerful--don't even ASK me what it's called)
I think Pop will be going MAC verrry soon now.......

They were......

And then the pie was sliced, the GOOD coffee made....

And the table cleared.

Mom and Craig and Loretta planted themselves down
on my futon,
to watch THE INCREDIBLES....

And Zut and Pop--
Played dueling laptops at the table.

THEN the War stories began.


I poured myself another cup of Joe,
pulled my knees up to my chin,
and listened with a twinkle in my eye that....
That would have made Freud blush.

I learned things about my Pop--I'd never known.
The two of them drawing the stories out, with greater
and greater detail as they continued....
I heard things...
I am glad I didn't know--while Zut was over there.

They were so intense! Finishing each other's sentences
with more numbers and letters, than WORDS!

I didn't understand a lot of it.

I understood enough.

I beamed at my HEROES.

I watched Zut sit up straighter and straighter--
as he learned of my Father's "adventures"
as a Rescue CH-53 pilot in Vietnam...

I watched my Father's eyes light up, as Zut described
his ordeals in Iraq.

I watched both of them, nod respectfully to each other.
And speak a language no one else in the room...
could possibly Understand.

It wasn't even that they were both soldiers.
But that they were both the same SORT of Soldier.
The same....Kind of Men.

I plunked down next to Mom at one point,
and just POINTED
at them.
She nodded.
And heaved a heavy sigh.

And we both laughed.

I sent them off....with POUNDS AND POUNDS of coffee.
Many Hugs.
And Much Love.

Such a surprising day.
Easy....like Sunday afternoons should be--
with the people you Love most.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
You may say you wish you'd sent me off to a Nunnery....
But I think,
I turned out OK.
And you
are WHY.

I Love YOU.