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Yeah.....I watched the "PROM" episode of Smallville Finally

This afternoon.

Made me smile.

Can you BELIEVE that boy was an Eagle Scout?


Germany, 1988.


(lil ginger is 17 in these pics.)



How FAR we have Fallen...elitistbill.


(You know Baby, in three years--that will be 20 years ago.)

Why don't I feel GROWN UP yet???

Those two that picture above?
Deflowered each other.

And then giggled afterwards--reveling in the fact
that they were not VIRGINS anymore.

I think, I think we may have high-fived each other.
But that could be myth-of-my-making....
The sentiment was CERTAINLY there.

My First Love, was my Best Friend.
My Best my First Love.

Many miles separate us now.

I miss him.
But I know the story is still unfolding.

Whole oceans have separated us over the years.

18 years, and countless COUNTRIES and STATES have tried
to dissuade us from our undying Friendship.

We keep coming up smelling like thorn'd Roses.

Why aren't we married?

::laughs hard hard HARD::

Because I'm pretty sure...............
We were TWINS in another life.

(you know, if I bought into that sort of thing...)


Because the story isn't over.

And why oh why, do something so predictable--with such a GREAT story???
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