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This SAX is cutting me up...Nice.

I had no idea Mr Smith had put THAT much music in here....
I'm still stumbling across it.

(yes, I've yet to truly grasp the WHOLE of my New Blinky Box)

I waited tables at The Elephant Room for a year...
Back in the late 90's. Okay--the year from March '98 to March '99.
A Friend...the wife of the man who painted the BELOVED painting on my wall....
(Nathan Jenson's WOMAN PAINTING)
worked there.
Heard through "The Family" I was out of work.
Didn't hear--why.
Showed up on my doorstep to GIVE me the job.
I was stunned.

Steven had blown his brains out January 27th, and I still hadn't gotten my shit together.
She was an Angel.

SHE...My dear Cassandra--just knew I needed a job, and loved me.
Baffled by my story, she took me down the stairs
to that dark low ceilinged little shot-gun
of a basement Jazz Club.
And *POOF*
I was a cocktail waitress.
(*Edit: She has a Masters in Art History now, I think she's teaching.
they have a little one now. *smiles*)

I'd never known ANYTHING about Jazz before.
I thought songs needed words.
(i know i know know--we all grow SOMEWHERE.)

I learned SO much there.

Met so many amazing people.

Learned how to listen, differently.

One night Tony Campise played something...
on his horn...
That made me stand still--with drinks on my tray...
and cry.
Tears just rolled down.

Hand steady under my tray, I wiped my face with the other arm
and went to make excuses to the table waiting for their drinks.....

They all allowed as how--really--they didn't mind so much.


That was a good year.

I got to chat about one of my favourite subjects--Austin Architecture--with
a guy who likes old buildings too, and Absolut & soda.

Forrest Whitaker.

(Yeah--he likes Jazz too.)


Honestly--a swell guy, no EGO.

(and I'm such a dork, I didn't realise who he was...right away.
I just thought he was visiting and was interested in old buildings.
I told him the ELEPHANT ROOM's story--and it went from there)

Then I played goalie to keep the little fan girls off him.


(i'm small--but I'm not a bad bouncer. It's all in how you hold your head.)

All that--from a song
with no words.



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