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Got a lot done.

My kitchen is full of loverly things now.....
Blood oranges and bananas and short grain organic brown rice
sesame oil, turbinado sugar, serrano peppers, green green leafy spinach
a gallon of Home-made lime aid (fresh squeezed by CM, sugar and water by Ginger!)
A thick loaf of dark whole grain bread, sliced boars head baby swiss and smoked turkey
grape tomatoes and GRAPES!!! Big ones!


for only the second time in the 5 year history of my Fountainhead experience...




Gonna be a long night here on the old Blinky Box Folks,
buckle up and lean back....


I decided to cut my own hair.
Trimmed over the ears and left the daggers on my cheeks.
I did good.

Maybe later I will have the nerve to try and use the stuff zutroy
installed to help me post pics again...and show Ya!

(Think: ROMULAN and you're pretty much there. ^_^)

Went through my paper work for the scooter, insurance and what not....
Didn't actually DO anything, but I have a better Idea of what I NEED to do.

Baby steps.

It is, after all....Parked at Mr Smith's house....
And is the last connection I have to him.

I'm no dummy.
I know why my brain is dragging it's feet on all this.........
I know why I'm stalling.

But--again, KNOWING really isn't as much of the Battle as people
would lead you to believe.

I know a LOT of things about myself--that need adjusting.
Doesn't really put the tools in my hand, though.



I think Kevin is coming by after work tonight....
(You old school LJ Friends may remember him as Comic Book Hero,
the cute comic collecting little stoic boy, who used to live down stairs from me,)

He still works at CM....and gave me a long long full body hug when he saw me
this afternoon. We both still had our iPods plugged into our ears....and I couldn't
help but giggle.

We all have our own Sound Track this little movie.

Could be fun.
He's quiet.....but Oooooh he has such WONDERFUL toys!!!

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