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Something in Me....has always wanted...To see my Bones.

I remember a Sunday Morning....
Pulling up as the SUN ROSE--in front of my parent's house on Sioux Trail,

I was in the borrowed '84 Ford Mustang hatch back, powder blue.
Actually--had to be '93--I didn't have a license until I was 23.


Was seeing a COMIC BOOK DEALER (always said I was 'dating a Dealer')
named Karl Sol. His Pop was a UT History Professor--worked on the DC
Holocaust Museum...Started the Project. His Mom was a Buddhist.

Wildly enough...his folks weren't still together....

But he had a shrine, and didn't eat pork.
I didn't either--and we both liked Comic Books.

We met in a bar.


But I would borrow the car.............
and go visit him.
And my parents didn't acknowledge my absence.
In those days, they were pretty much just glad I was around.

I would sneak in, dress for church, and sleep through it.


I was sitting there, behind the wheel........
A little drunk.
A little high.
A little bit more than anything I should have been
behind the wheel
as the sun was rising on a Sunday morning
in front of my little house on Sioux Trail.
In Austin Texas.

(wow, I DID try drugs before I was 25!)

((The things you learn when you talk to yourself...))

And I put my head down on the steering wheel and REALLY

wondered what my skull looked like.

Not in a morbid "i want to die way"

but simply--sad,
that I would never get to see it.

I just wanted to SEE it.
Hold it.
Run my fingers along the spaces
that held my eyes, my tongue,
The very helmet of SELF?

I didn't answer a lot of questions in Sunday School that morning.
But--in the same breath--my PARENTS didn't ask very many either.

That didn't last long, but it was SWEET while it did.

When they cracked the whip, finally--I thumbed my nose and
moved in with a bartender I'd met two weeks earlier.



Ah yes.........1993.

What a year.

This picture was taken in a photobooth....

disophy1 took it to a place that could make pictures bigger,
Laid down the cash. I have an 8X6 print. IT wasn't cheap.
Remember when it was THAT Barbaric???


::Kisses Charles on the Nose::

Now, you send me a thing the size of a pack of GUM....
To cheer me up--

It has little ear plugs and holds 139 songs.
(i know you said it only would hold 120--but gev made it
work with the deposit of 1200 songs Mr Smith left on my Itunes...
and when all was said and done I was laughing...


::rests her head on the steering wheel::

::::closes her eyes::::

I can live my Dream.


There are machines out there....
that can measure my skull.
Through my flesh.
And carve it out of something
just hard
and just soft....enough.
With Lazers!

I live in a world.

Where I can SEE my BONES.

Hold them in my hands.

That's the World we live in.
what will we do with it....

Will we get our Scooter fixed????

How long will those loverly little things
on MARS keep sending us signals?

Will we get over Mr Smith?

Will the Final Star Wars placate?
Will Superman have a good costume?
And do we really want a Batman with a gun???
(we do.)

And for the love of THE SISTERS--Joss, pick a good WWOMAN.
or to clay with the lot of ya.

Time for bed.
We thinks SO.

Last Beer.........

Electric Page.................................

Day OFF.

Work for the devil.
Always have.
She's just got more money this time.

Same construct.

I know all the gods are the same,
it's their FIGHT that makes them stand out.

We build them, and then bow down.

Energy is finite.

Watch out--where you spend yours.

Be careful what you swallow.

And pad your knees
when you can.

*blows a kiss*

Look for your BONES.

Hold them in your hands
when you can.
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