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Still reeling a little....

I could only remember the line that applied
to tonight.

And she called again
When she said she would not.

But it was kicking me in the back of the head.

Wanted me to remember the last
the last lines.

May she wake one morning
with cigarette
and after much coffee
to the tepid realisatioin
that the dark spot she claws for
in the shiny eyes
of others

is a reflection.

I guess I've been about mirrors, for longer than I thought.
We all build our own Mythology, 'acknowledged' or otherwise.

I was down all day.
Trudging through the coffee grounds, getting
the last day before my first day off in forever...OVER.

And climbing the many steps, to get Home...
that line came into my head.
And wouldn't leave
until I dug
and dug
and dug
and FOUND that old piece of paper.

Even though I couldn't REMEMBER...
i remembered.

This hurt isn't NEW.
And what I'm looking for--
isn't HIM.

What I need, I haven't really come to understand.
It's still inside me.

I feel better.
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