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I found it.
In my Grandfather's filing cabinet,
in a file of ancient Loose papers I cannot find
a "proper" place for.
Here it is....
(there's a lump in my throat--fuck, *shakes head* of course....)

_________oh, she called again

when she said she would not
and she painted him with lavish metaphors...
___________________too much spent ink
on the sum of letters
_______________that were his name

___________________she's older now
and should remember chaos past
___________________the racks
______________________________the hangers she's made of faces
to hang unholy dreams

"all from too much wanting..." she mumbles

She can have many
_______________almost any
________________________and for a time that is enough.

But the sweaty grip slips
The Ancient Record, skips
_____________________and suddenly
_________________________________________is no longer
_____________________so sweet to swallow

And she scrambles to recover
_______________________simply to discover
_____________________________________someone else

who fills that emptiness

though with time and travel she has forgotten,

merely unremembered
_________________that this emptiness
________________________________is not an orifice
and cannot be filled quickly
_____________________or by anyone.

May she wake one morning
with cigarette
and after much coffee
to the tepid realisatioin
that the dark spot she claws for
in the shiny eyes
of others

is a reflection.

--Ginger Stevens
circa 1991

I was twenty-one.
I was much much wiser....
when I was twenty-one.

*smirks at herself*

(and's TYPED, on typing paper....
real keys. A ribbon. Ink.

Why yes, I do save every scrap of paper,
why do you ask?)
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