Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

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I got home about thirty minutes ago....

And have been digging through old paper journals....
some nearly 15 years old--
looking for a poem that began to trace itself over and over
in my brain on the steps up to my 3rd floor flat.

I can't find it--but I can hear the beginning, and I NEED
to read the rest of it,
I know I'm trying to tell myself something.

IT begins:

And she called again
When she said she would not.
Too much spent ink
on the sum of letters
that were His name....

This will make me nuts.
I know I have it recorded on an old tape,
somewhere--because I hear it in my own voice.
Memorised off that tape, not the page.


I have tomorrow off.
At Last.
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