Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

Long night....

Good day.
Nice close.
Fun Party--
Bunch of BUXERS....

Good Friends.

At 3 AM when there were only four of us left alive...
Del grilled jalapeno sausages, and we sat around the little grill,
in a parking spot
in front of their apartment.

The moon had long set.
But the sky was clear and full of stars.

I felt sad, and alive.

Alone, but not alone.

Time to sleep.
Wake up and put on my black and whites
and take the bus to Oltorf and IH-35...
Cross in front of the bus and against the light--
Buy a red bull and a pack of smokes at the Exxon,
and cross back.

Sit for fifteen minutes at the tables outside, inhaling and swallowing.

And then start another day.
Flailing a little....

But getting it BACK.


(Thanks for tonight guys: Lain, Del and Jason--
and all the BUXERS who drank deep tonight,
and laughed at the same inside jokes.)

You are my TRACK now.
The rails I'm leaning into.

My Friends.
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