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Sure, I'm being an ass...............

No one is elegant when they spit.


I'm in a spitting mood.

I hate when my journal becomes a letter to someone..........
IT's supposed to be a letter to ME.

This place isn't for...
Well, it isn't for THIS.

Perhaps more, than I am willing to admit, is due
to a small ache inside--I cannot shake.

Someone at work, came in tonight.......
and asked if I had lost weight.

I said, Yeah, about a hundred and seventy pounds!
(tips hat to skidspoppe for the joke)

The guy just stared like an idiot.

::wants to thump his head like a melon::

I've lost about ten pounds.
My boyfriend dumped me.
YAY! Pain diet.

(his girlfriend kicked him under the counter.)

He's one of US, Siren Ilk, and one of those GO GETTERS
I kinda want to choke, anyway.

(I was ROASTING COFFEE when he was in knee pants!)

I wanted to point out that his mohawk was out of spec, because it is bleached?

And then I just kinda wanted to kill myself...


metaphorge--I am too awed by too many years of having you
BE someone I was awed by...

To argue.

You played the Orphan card.
I cannot beat that.

If my Father goes before I do....
I hope they have a rubber room ready.


I will still fight for it, Friend.
It's dirty.
It isn't healthy.

But it's HOME.

It's mine.

I wish I could..........
show it all to You, from beginning, to Now.

IT's a good story.

It is.

(do you have a cat?)
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