Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
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A Fox, would make me break out in hives.........

A Cat,
a Rat,
a hairless Rat............
(i tried)

A dog???


I cannot breathe around them.
TOUCH them.

My skin inflames, my eyes swell, and sometimes....
I cannot breathe at all.

I keep a dose of Benadryl on me at ALL times.

I can't go to parties, at friend's houses, who have pets.


I even have a tube of Benadryl CREAM in my bag of trix,
in case something SCRATCHES me.

The welt like a mosquito-bite, will draw up all along my arms.

How odd.

Something everyone else can enjoy....
I can never ever touch.

A pet, a companion....
I get fish.

No mice,
no rats.
no dogs,
no cats,
no ferrets,
no rabbits,

with this.

I pack my ointments and drugs.

I get it.
This is what I can, and cannot do.

I can never have a pet that looks me back in the face
with deep Mammal Eyes.

I can never bury my face in the fur, of a four-legged loved one.


Wags their tail, sleeps in my bed...

Sleeps in my bed????

I have a stuffed Rat, named Lenny,
Ken Liek gave him to me, when the last
bastion of FURRY was taken from me--and
I had to give little Bill, my Rat, to a nursery school.
So I could breathe at night.
It was a hard break up.

Lenny sleeps in my bed, now.
I love him.

Do you have a cat???
I cannot sleep at your House.

I cannot even have dinner, there.

(we drank at my apartment tonight...because lil' O.J.
has a GREAT PATIO, but a bevy of critters.)

You know--
I wouldn't DREAM
of asking her to get rid of her animals............
So I could hang out there,
and drink.

*slips the cracked soap box back under her feet*

How could I forget???
The cat girl, who cannot have a cat................


It wasn't my frame of mind.
I wasn't prepared to FIGHT.
I didn't think....
I'd need to.
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