Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink


You Rock.
*sighs softly into the Harm*

Their reply was:

I remember when I first started working there with you.
I said I was gonna make ya a copy of some songs
by Jenny Toomey.
Lord knows she helped me out
with my horrid break up.
I'm not a person who posts lyrics but
these seemed appropriate...

The Smell Of Him

i'm retiring your jersey
you're the last crazy fuck inside of me
for all your talent and your charm
you were uniquely qualified to bring me

so for the first time
maybe the thousandth
i'll decline to take your hand
and break up anyway i can

so you can sell it to some soap opera
on the network you pursue and
the willing heart
of every ingenue

cuz besides your kindness your wit

your style

we both know you

were more than half absent most of the while

so for the first time maybe the fiftieth

i can't look into your eyes


all can lose our faith by and by

so for the first time maybe twice i

can't see you in my life and I can't make it right

not tonight

Oh, Dino.

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