Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

This Time....

He called me.



::sucking back that swollen feeling in my chest, and behind my face, refusing to cry::

I'd gotten off work, just now...
Just walked in the door...

Hey, This is Nick.
I was just calling to see how you were doing...


Hey! How's it goin'?

oh--pretty good I guess...

Yeah? That's good.....

Oh--Um, I meant to call You, actually!
Yeah--um, I was going to tell you to just drop
that stuff off here, for Jaq, you know?

I mean there's no sense now in you paying to
ship it back...

's alright--I already sent it, He got it today I think, I talked with him...
He asked me when I was coming to Vegas...

Yah, *laughs weakly*
Guess you're not coming with me for the Wedding anymore, huh!

I dunno, I pretty much check Cities off my list once I've been...


*silence, awkward long infinite silence*

I miss You.

I know, I'm sorry.

I'm gonna go now--before I ask you if you miss me...
*laughs too empty and too hard*


Yeah, Bye.


There was more to it...I guess, I remember asking after Mrs Bojangles the hamster...
And making sure the scooter wasn't in the way...
He said it was fine--not a problem.
Even that a friend of his was interested in buying it
after I got it fixed....

But that's about it.

Near every day
for a year
spent with a person....

Sleeping with them, cooking with them, creating wildly complex inside jokes...

And it becomes


I think I may throw up.
I haven't let the tears--surface.
But my stomach is flipping.

Like a Hamster in a Wheel.

I'm not glad he called.
But, I don't wish he hadn't.

I have to get up at 9:30 AM for an early mid-shift tomorrow...
didn't get out until nearly midnight tonight--and am used to crashing
around 6 AM.

This should be interesting.

*reaches for the Vodka*

Just a little.
For my nerves.
Just a little.
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