Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink


Thank-you...I just finished answering my mail....
Mostly responses from last night.


Work wasn't finished until the HIGH NOON flag raised.
Long night.
New folks.
Midnight hit us still giggling, a little slap-happy.

But the day....
was not bad.

I awoke--weirdly refreshed from my dreadful spill
last night.

I felt clean.

Like I'd gotten it all OUT.

*punches disophy1 in the shoulder*
All the right songs played...
as I waited for the bus.
(white jewelry, baby, white jewelry)

Better ones played while I was ON it.

I like, that the bus driver grinned at me
when I boarded.
I was bouncing, and nodding my head.
As she pulled up.

(that sounds weird, I want a better way to say it...
I was bouncing Idly when she pulled up--
and when she and I made EYE CONTACT
she smiled
and I nodded.)

IT was cool.

I'm going to regret asking this....
Because I am CERTAIN the answer will mortify me...
But, disophy1--WHO sings the song with the line:

What's Eating You AAAAAAlive....
Could be Helping You Surviiiiiiive!

It's kinda my Theme song now.
And I know you ain't gonna say: Leonard Cohen.


I've actually figured out how to play it over and over.
on......The White Jewelry.

I sing it at work.


You're gonna tell me it's GREEN DAY
and I'll have to kill myself.

*laughs and laughs and LAUGHS*

I was DREADING looking at my E-mail tonight.
I'd been so horrible.

But what I found....was not placating.
It wasn't...CHEAP.

Just words from my FRIENDS.
Slaps to the back,
A little "collar shake"--
And humour.

You GET me.........

::Holds her Spit Shined Award High::


i win!

I hang with Winners, it rubs off.

Thanks for taking care of me.
For giving a shit.

I will...repay.

I'm good-for-it.

And to the gorgeous blonde who drove me home tonight....
Get an LJ--it's fun.

I showed you HOW,
Show UP!

I know You're watching.

And put all those spiral notebooks
in a box--
it doesn't matter that some of them only
have a few lines written in them.

I have a box like that.
The doodles in the margins make me grin now.


Start keeping your words.

And GOD--I wish I was twenty and looked like YOU.
But thirty four and a half--with shiny black THIS skin?

Ain't bad,

Right it down.
Just Write it DOWN.
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