Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

Technology Rocks!

Ginger has a cool AIM conversation about Sin City:
Possible Spoilers--but not REALLY possible.

(mostly I just love that I'm learning to CHAT!)

AIM IM with *********
9:30 PM

hey ginger lynn


whats new?

Who are You again? (blush)

haha, *********
as in dan and *********

Wait--multitasking...not used to AIM...
Hang on...

haha, thats cool

Two screeens....ACK!


Got it!


I seldom log on here....

well, its cool that you did
how are things going?

Grim and steady. *laughs*

well, my life too

Hang on...closing converstion with zutroy...


9:35 PM

Man--this is HARD!


Ok--you've got 100% Ginger now.

sadly my generation finds too easy and the one after me even easier

My ediquette is not what it should be...bad at the rules.

And I still have my OWN that keep getting in the way......
I'm a girl who refuses to have "call waiting" because I think it's RUDE!

well it is!

Oh--and I've been drinking.

thats good


ok, haha


How's Trix!

Tell me a story!


You're mulittasking, aren't you.


crap-those keys!

sorry i'm here

a story

No worries....just pointing you with a mostly-not-sharp stick

i worked at a concert yesterday as security



it was a silly show for 14 yr olds who like faux emo
i got to throw them offstage if they got on

Yeah--you have to be 15 for the real stuff...*giggles*


Rough anybody up?

a few people

not really, just threw them back

Bruises, any glitter on ya??

haha, not really

Probably for the best....

other then that i'm doing design stuff for a lot of different people

I envy you that.


I mean, I don't actually know how to DO that...but I envy never-the-less...
creative work of any ilk excites me.

I make coffee.

well, thats a skill
i can't make coffee

Look--I am also a roaster and can delineate 30 different coffees
and their characteristics and CRACK level..........but dude.

Mostly it's Frappuccinos for 14 year olds.

And CRACK doesn't mean....
how jittery they get you....



so seen sin city?

Opening Nite.......of course.



i loved it

Me too.

Still trying to shake some of those scenes
out of my head....though.

who was your fav character?

Our Monster...who loved Goldie.

My friends made fun of the make-up job...

said R was ugly enough....

But to me--
It was CLASSIC Miller.


Like he was DRAWN.

i liked him too

he was my fav

He wasn't a natural HUMAN shape...

But it was soooo human.

And all the dark edges of the PEN

yeah i really really liked that

Still wiggly about the hobbit's role...


See that staring figure with the neon glasses...


legless, armless, dog chewing...


he was well done



anytime he was just standing there


I was kinda proud of Bruce too....

Haven't had a crush on him since Adison.


Moonlighting to SIn City....

Bit of a stretch--but not so much....


9:55 PM

They were both, Pretty cool Dicks.


It was gorgeous, and creepy, and beautiful...

and wildly disturbing.

IT was my beloved FRANK MILLER!!!!

so whats the next comic you want as a movie

Can we do Tankgirl AGAIN?


i would like that


if they did preacher i would enjoy that

or the invisibles

Oooooh..........Preacher could be REALLY done now, huh...

Good One.

I want WW to be's been in the works forever now,
but last I heard anything they were actually considering BUFFY
as the Amazon herself--I hold out little HOPE after that....

yeah, that would be sweet

A no name--tall, dark, GORGEOUS and STRONG!!!!
They have to get HER right.

The story writes itself...

Could go a lot of ways, in "These Times", though.


Still, she's one of my first Heroes.

I had the Under-roos!

Han Solo was next....heh.

Or was it BO Duke??? *laughs*

Nope--had to be the Scoundrel.

Had a fondness for them ever since........

10:05 PM


scoundrels are hot

What was the first STAR WARS you saw in the Theater?

haha, i was in utero for empire


i believe

I'm old.




I'm used to it...

I'm six months away from 35....

and am a girl who likes to talk about Comic Books.


thats ok

its the new way to be, arrested development, i have it too

I'm developing JUST FINE thank-you! *laughs* Comics are the NEW MYTH. I'm sure if Joe Campbell were alive today...

He'd be championing our new social affection for them.



i'm sure he would too

i have to run, but it was nice talking to you?

no ?


You too--Talk soon I hope!


10:10 PM



********* has gone offline.

What Fun!

God, I'm Old.

and I got the whole block in text, after
copying it, so it's done by hand...
may take one or two tries to get the back and forth
right...but I think I was close on the first try...
Yes, it took forever, but it was fun.
I'm sure you all know the short cut...
Lemme find it on my own.
I'm still proud I can use a little html.
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