Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

You Know What I Hate.........

Sure, I can look up the crazy message I e-mailed my parents....
but I can't look up
and hear again............

The mad rambling message I left on Mr Smith's machine.
On his phone.

I can't hear it again--to find out if I was as crazy as I remember being.


I had a loverly evening with ohchicken and "H"--
and H's friend, Greg.

Sorry brer_rabbit--I thought SIN CITY Rocked.
I covered my eyes for several scenes--and caught all the plot holes.......
But C'mon.
It's a Comic Book.

Do you want to remove all the skips from a recording, of a record?


I like to hear the bumps.
feel the blood.

I am one who will ALWAYS defend the Pulp Pages.
They're crapped out quickly,
and the people who do the work
aren't paid enough......

but it keeps churning out.


Comic Books.

Why do you think the film should be polished?

It's better this way.
it's real.


I kept myself from ::SOCKING:: Greg, in the shoulder......
when Frank Miller himself showed up as a Priest.
I pointed.
And poked.


The four of us sat in the FIRST ROW.

I curled up in my seat, hugging my knees.....
and cranked my neck up.

The NEW ALAMO is nice.......
god i love this Town.

I had a pizza almost exactly like described in my previous post....
and a nice pint of hoppy beer.

We went to Trudy's afterwards........
And took our time taking our time.
Finally a table.....
and it was time to leave.


I was blissed out.
Tipsy and Happy.

Thank-you, "H"......and ohchicken.
I had a great time.

And I like Greg--too...
You like, have his number an stuff--right?

*laughs and laughs and laughs*

Movie night soon.

I'll cook.

(Hell's Bell's--Texas helped make that little Movie.
I've had Pizza with Rodriguez and the Dobie. MANY Years ago.
I was moritfied--and didn't look anyone in the eyes...but Ken Leik
was my Front Man, Guy In-The-Know--and made fun of me later.
Much fun.

You wouldnt even LOOK at him!!!!

Me and Rodriguez, didn't actually eat pizza, we were too nervous and tired.
Or--I was nervous--and He was tired.

And Tarantino--was Tarantino.
He munched away.
I couldn't even look at him
he was TOO cool.)


I love this TOWN.

and.........I will so cook.
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