Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink

Selma, Alabama......Grows Beautiful Flowers in the Spring

This time last year.........
I'd buried my last Grandparent.

I was driven to Waxahachie by Patrick Kelly.
In a 57 Chevy wagon.

My Pop thanked Him, in his pajamas.
One more Goodwill Mission, from my Cop.

Two men of Uniform, giving nods.

At 0 dark thirty.


Hell broke loose in Iraq, while I was in Alabama.

I had no computer.

skidspoppe looked up zutroy for me--
on the phone.

No word.

I was sick with grief.

It was Spring and I was surrounded by Death.

I came home to Mr Smith.
He and my Mother share a Birthday.

April 15th.

The day you pay or get paid.

I decided to be HAPPY.

Lots of stuff happened after that.
A Year.

I think there are photo's.........
mostly, just ink and sweat.

Too-Mamas, I miss You.
You were mean and perfect.
You were my Mother's Mother.

You didn't raise the woman
who raised me.
She rose alone.

And gave me all my thorns,

And all my books.

I love You.
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