Red Lipstick & Green Ink (ginger931) wrote,
Red Lipstick & Green Ink


Don't be the one in the room that has the least faith in you. Anais Nin, remember her? "The world expands or contracts according to one's courage." You've yet to flex your muscles. I'm very glad to hear that NEXT has takens root in your vocabulary. Let go of anything that is holding you back now. If it has value for you in a future context you already have the skills to retrieve it blindfolded in it's darkest black alley mancover. Swing free from the bound, now bound where? Your door echoes your freedom. Yonder mountain, nearest valley. What's the echo within when you say within, "I believe"? Where's the ripple? Venture forth. Where are you bound.


Hey, Chas--I sat outside tonight under a just-rained dark Austin sky, on my break.
The air was clean enough to drink.

I had my jewelry in my ears.
U2 playing their count down to New Years, 1990.
And those streets...........with no name.

I was watching the traffic pass, on wet street.
Gloss black, under the lights of the EXXON across the way........

I turned it up LOUD and sang along.

They were screaming about the FUTURE.

The 1990.

I raised my hands in the air........
I shouted.
I laughed and loved them and loved

Every U2 song.......
Is about YOU.


The FUTURE.......

You've been telling me I wasn't "flexing my muscle"
since the day we met--When a boy took me on a date
to the bar where you were tending.......

The rest is History.
Who knows where Andrew is now........


I moved in with you two weeks later.

*laughing and laughing*

We bought furniture.
A Table even.

I wanted it when I left........12 years ago.
You offered it to me, last year.

*still laughing*

I didn't have room.
Believe me, if I HAD.......I would have taken it--just
for posterity.

*grins again*

The Johnny Cash photo...........
now THAT's what I still want.

*bends down an holds her ankles*


But Chip, and YOU, Win.
I'll just have to lie about it...........

*knocks your shoulder, and brandishes her MONT BLANC*

You've left me with more words than I can write.
I love love love love love You.

I'll write my book--You bastard.
And You'll be on the first page.

(Yiddi--listen not to what I say, He's a Saint.)

*Laughs Harder*

My GOD--I am looking forward to your Wedding.

Yiddi--I love him.
YOU love him.
Will you?
He's difficult--but worth it.


One of my favourite Humans.

Kieth, BE GOOD TO HER....
or I'll kick your ass.

The Ginger has spoken.

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