October 26th, 2011


Blue Box

It's late.
I can't sleep.
So I'll tell you about what scares me
when I'm ignoring my real fears...

Daniel Tiger bought me a gift. Something he thought....
was whimsical. Here, he said on IM, let me show you!
and video chat began... he raised the book.



I think that is exactly what not only my eyes and face,
but my mouth, said
when he showed me.

I really don't have a poker face, my Mother will tell you that.


I knew what it was.
I knew he had gotten it from someone who had made it from scratch.
Each page, the spine.....the entire piece.
Lovingly crafted.

River Song's BOOK.

I was supposed to, and SHOULD have been...THRILLED.


Dead eyes, clinched sphincter, heart pounding...



i think that is what I mustered for the video chat,
in the moment after I expelled the word: SHIT.

I don't think that was what he was going for.
I also know....my Daniel Tiger.

I cannot ever write a single word in THAT.

but thank you

*head in hands*

I'm afraid of it, Daniel.

He smiled.

Hand made paper sewn together along a spine bound.....
to the blue box.

Someone made it out of love, someone bought it for good purpose.

Ginger, just write a few spoilers. Set dates and tell yourself the story.

Did you know this would frighten me so?

No, no I just bought you something I thought you would use,
something to make you smile.

It's the good kind of scary.

Yeah, I did know that.

You shake me when I need it most. By the shoulders. You look me in the eyes.

Just write. Just a few spoilers. You're tiny, but you're bigger on the inside.

Just a few spoilers...