December 5th, 2005

Look Out

Won't it be cool...

When you can drag an image to Google and they will tell you
where it is from and what it is?

Laugh all you want--I knew WIFI was coming, and phones would
be able to....

Only a matter of time.
The kids have faster thumbs than I do,
but I've been reading Sci-Fi since the late 70's.

Unfortunately, one still cannot jump off the roof with a large black umbrella
and not get hurt.
Bee slows my stuff to a drrrrrrrrag...

Don't care.

kymical, this is the best thing anyone has ever led this horse to drink.

*shakes the wiggle off*

Right, so...

Today was productive, good.
And I got to take soup to my sick little ohchicken.
Thelonious took me to her!

Even when I try to give her something, she gives me more.

With anyone else, I would have been overwhelmed by the heavy hand...
a boy getting to make his own movie with The Graduate nods.

With Annie, it was BLISS........and it made more sense.
We kicked at each other on the couch--she in so much pain, but still giggling.

And all the little furry people that live there, didn't get to me.
I didn't sneeze!
Lucy eyed me, and asked me questions with her Bowie orbs,
Charlie took a seat across from us, and watched along.

Jessie didn't even come out until the end....

and all that crap about "LOOK THE CAT IN THE EYES" to keep it from coming up
on you (those who are allergic tend to look away, and in the wild that is an invitation)
bull shit. These are the friends of Annie and Helen. Look at them, and they pop up
onto your lap.

I recoil like they are acid.
Wh-well they ARE to Me!

But the Movie.
The Movie was great.

I want to own it.
It's one of those white noises i will neeeeeeed
to fall asleep one night.

Hope gets sold so short.
I kept waiting for the shoe to drop.
For her to have an epileptic attack, for his plane to crash..........

But sometimes, ginger, sometimes a good story ends well.
Everyone lives, and there is hope for tomorrow.

It's still a good story.

You teach me that.

My beautiful ohchicken, in so much pain...
You dug out a warm sweater for me, as the temperature had dropped
after the sun had set.

I pulled it over my ancient glass-buttoned cardigan and zipped my leather up.
Stuck my fingers into my POWER PUFF gloves--of the stretchy black variety.

My ride home, on Thelonious, was not the horror it could have been.
Annie's turtleneck under my chin--I grinned all the way home. Traffic was
bumper to bumper. Smiling at faces that seemed distressed.
I was warm enough. I was on a bike that was RUNNING.....

They smiled back.

I want to scream into a bottomless place.
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Bad Girl

Pandora Pandora....what a Box you have

This is great.
Suzanne Vega--Tom's Diner.

I remember the night I saw her at THE BACKYARD....
In nineteen...nineteen....1993???

My Beau at the time had connections. He took me out on his Bike and we rode
forever it seemed. He wouldn't tell me where we were going.
I clung to him and wondered, as the Hill Country rolled under us.

We sat second row, center.
This was a gig that was impossible to get tickets for.
She was just practicing for her Austin City Limits gig.

I have LOVED suzanne, since I was 15 years old.
I got her first album when I was a kid in Germany.

Everyone knows Luca.
Do you know anything else?
I have all her albums.

I sat and watched her go through the paces of her new album...
99.9 Degrees F


The boy, really didn't know what he had done.

He was the head waiter at Zoot.

I was his novelty.
I said clever things when you wound me up an put me into parties.
I was his sweet slum.

He didn't know who Suzanne Vega was, he certainly didn't know what she
meant to me.

At the end of all the set she needed to practice..................
She walked back out.
Asked for requests.

A guitar in her hand, no band.

I could almost smell her, we were that close.
I stood up, and shouted: Play</b> 'Soldier and the Queen'!!!</b>
............a boy five rows back shouted it at the same time i did.

there are moments, people.
There are Moments.

She smiled at me.
She smiled at me.

And she played my favourite song.
She played my favourite song.

I got to hear her voice, say what I had wondered about,
since i was fifteen.

i cried.

DAMN, kymical this toy ROCKS!!!