November 18th, 2005

Superman Dog Tags

Well Enough About All That....Let's talk SMALLVILLE!


Do I have to put this in a cut, it's pretty much happened everywhere by now...


(When the real World makes you itch, the Comics Skratch.)

Forgot I had taped it.
But it's me...I have a tape in, programed for the next four Thursdays.

*Laughs and rubs her nose*

Our Brainiac building on last week's...

But more, our Lex calling Lois a "Muffin peddling college drop-out"!
Enemies are made in many places.

It's crumbling and building.


DC is coming in to play, CANON and all..........
(damn, how do we fit in Chloe???)

Was Zod so in tandem with Brainiac???

I must look that up, I don't remember that.
He's being explained as an A.I.
A Kryptonian A.I., from the followers of Zod.

That doesn't ring true.

Wasn't he what came and inspired the dissonance?
A floating mind that corrupted and devoured all he encountered?

Damn. I can't remember.
(shut up, I vote. I pay attention to other things too!)

I know why the Gideons talk about a wet and dry Fleece.
Do you?
When have you last challenged GOD for an answer...

It's all about the comic you follow.
And where you put your bibles.

Joshua Judges Ruth........
It isn't just an Album title.

I chose my gods, they wear capes.....and are even easier
to draw metaphor from.
They live in my TIME.

Bill and I watched this episode together, me with my hand on the
PAUSE button constantly. He giggled at what riled me up, and made me
break the frame. I had so much to explain and project.

I knew Chloe would come.
She'd come before.
She knew the way.

It's canon, the Fortress of Solitude cannot be destroyed.
It's that simple.

Bill thinks she has to die.
I think, she cannot die, the Arch wouldn't hold in this Universe.

And then they play the first trailer for SUPERMAN '06,
and I just curl up laughing.

It doesn't have the heart of my SMALLVILLE.
It looks so silly.

But it's all so silly.
All of it, and me.

You all know what you're getting for Christmas........
Superman Dog Tags
Go Forward.


My favourite Superman, just wanted everyone to walk.
Anyone can fly.

So--I don't think that really killed our Brainiac...he drew power from the disassembling
of his ship. He'll be back.

And I hear Aqua boy is getting his own SHOW!!!


(Buy someone you think is Super, Superman Dog Tags, for the Holidays.
Whatever holiday you celebrate in these days of 'the coming of lights'.)

Um, Buy me some!

Go be Super.......

I know why I love this silly show.

It's all about Heroes.