November 7th, 2005

Fabulous Las Vegas

Once Upon a Time, in a Little Town Called Las Vegas...

First off, I must thank skidspoppe and the lovely Ms J,
for not only their generous hospitality on my arrival and their TAXI services to and from the Airport...
but for being "On CALL" as our seasoned Locals
whenever we had a question about *laughing* locations and and indigenous customs...

Thank-you Jaq. You were a comfort not only to Me, but to the entire wedding party.
As the lovely Bride, Yidi, said after she asked me to be sure and tell you how very much
she appreciated all of your help (though not set-into-action per-se):
I knew always, He was THERE.

And you were THERE, very present throughout the experience,
even though your face was only seen for a few moments at the very end.
You are an amazing Friend. I love you very very much.

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Though it all seemed impossible to pull off, everything continued to fall into place.
I was allowed this time to be with my own Friends, relax a little before the festivities
began in ernest. See bits of the Town that only a Local can share with you.

brer_rabbit dropped me off at the STRATOSPHERE, the tallest tower
THIS SIDE OF THE MISSISSIPPI! An excellent Home Base for this wonderfully complicated
'Cause damnit, you can always find it!

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I had no idea how much the time difference between Nevada & Texas would affect me...
I am not a morning person. I became one instantly.
The energy of that City shakes you awake--calling like a Siren.

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There are times when you realise that all you have learned,
up to the point where you are standing...was for a particular moment.
A moment that has been waiting for you to get to it.
I had many of these moments in the following 24 hours.

*Grins Hard--at Charles*

Fabulous Las Vegas

Spectacular Spectacular... Continued Part II

When I try and wrap my head around the organisation that this Adventure required,
my brain goes screwy. Nine people in the Party...4 Hotels, vastly different arrival and
departure times? I am amazed it went down with the elegance that it did. But it Did.

I can with total conviction say: This was by far the COOLEST Wedding
I have ever attended, and most certainly the one I am most proud of having been
allowed to actually BE a part of. Hands down.

All this said....*smirks once more at Charles*

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I can say a lot of things about my Long Dear-Friend Charles,
some of them are even GOOD...


But the man has a GIFT, for metaphor...

A Gift.

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Fabulous Las Vegas

"Shhhhhh....Just you shut your mouth" Continued part III

I had my ideas about what a Vegas Minister would be like.
They weren't flattering images.

I could not have been more delightedly wrong, on this occasion.

He was gentle, and eloquent, and full of warm humour.
He guided my Friends through every step with a strangely sacred, grace.

On top of the Surreal World of a small room sequestered away
from the noise raging just above and wildly below...
He joined them with beautiful words, words from them--words from him.

I don't cry at Weddings.

I was sitting between Slay and Mike,
in the first row of one side of this Small-Simple-Wedding...

Oh, I cried.
Tears welled up as I listened to what they said to each other,
as I watched their faces.

In unison, I smacked both of the Groomsmen on either side of me, in the chest
with the backs of my hands when the couple was pronounced "Man and Wife"...
Then sniffed and laughed, wiped my nose, an rubbed at my wet eyes.

Mike flinched (see: picked on me.) for the rest of the trip
every time I got excited about anything.
You aren't going to HIT me again are you?


It was really and truly beautiful.

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There was a moment...just as we were all coming to crash time,
making our way to our respective rooms...

And I looked over at Charles and Yidi.
Bowie was playing.

They were making goo-goo eyes at each other.

I tried not to invade the moment, but I couldn't help but watch...
a grin slicing through my face.

He was singing to her.
And then he asked her.....what does she say?

And Yidi said Shhhhhhhh....

They kissed, and I thought I would DIE.
How HOT is that????


These Kids are going to make it.
And I don't say that....
I don't ever say that.

Unless I know it.

Congratulations Friends.
Be Happy.
Take Care of Each other....

I Love You Both, so very very very Much.

there is so much more, but this is enough for now,
I will be talking about this story for weeks....without my connection
there, I actually woke up every morning having DREAMED my
journal entries. Editing and re-editing them as I slept.
You can take a girl to Vegas,
but you cannot take the Livejournal out of her.

And to ALL of you...who wander around here in my little world?
There is, there really IS........
Quite a bit of hope left in the Universe.

I feel profoundly reminded of this, just now.